Situational Leadership Model for Project Management

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November 11, 2018

Stutonl Ledershp Model for Proje Mngemt

The Stutonl Ledershp Model s one of the most prcl ledershp theores for Proje Mngers.

Proje Mnger’s Resource

Increasing Effectiveness Through Situational Leadership

s Proje Mnger, you’ll fnd tht you usully hve lttle to no dre uthorty over the members of your
proje tem. s result, your blty to nfluce others s mjor determnnt of your success.

The Stutonl Ledershp Model, developed by K Blnchrd nd Pul Hersey, provdes you wth frme tht you cn use to determne wht type of
ledershp style
would be most effeve bsed on your followers blty nd wllngness to perform the desred tsk.

The bsc premse of Situational Leadership Theory s tht there s
no one “best” wy to led tem. n other words, the ledershp style you should use should be djusted bsed on the
. More specfclly, t s depdt on the “mturty” of the specfc follower you re tryng to nfluce.

Follower mturty s dvded nto four levels rnng from low mturty to hgh mturty.

Mturty cn lso be thought of s followers redness to be led. t s bsed on ther blty
to perform the tsk nd ther wllngness to perform the tsk.

M1: Low

The group or ndvdul s not ble nd not wllng to do the v tsk.

M2: Low to Moderte

The group or ndvdul s not ble but wllng to do the v tsk.

M3: Moderte to Hgh

The group or ndvdul s ble but not wllng to do the v tsk.

M4: Hgh

The group or ndvdul s ble nd wllng to do the v tsk.

The type of stutonl ledershp style you use wll be bsed on your followers mturty level.
Ech ledershp style s combnton of “tsk behvor” nd “reltonshp behvor.”

Tsk behvor refers to the mount of dreon leder provdes to hs followers. For exmple, tellng
them wht to do, how to do t, wh to do t, nd where to do t.

Reltonshp behvor refers to the mount of two-wy communcton the leder uses wth hs followers.
Ths ncludes ve lstng nd provdng supportve nd fclttng behvors

The Stutonl Ledershp Model defnes four ledershp styles. The style you use s bsed on your follower’s mturty level.


Followers re both unble nd unwllng to perform tsk.

s the Proje Mnger, you wll need to provde
cler dreons nd supervson. Mkng sure roles nd responsbltes re clerly defned s well s explctly
tellng your followers wht, how, wh nd where to perform specfc tsks wll help you be successful wth Low
Mturty followers. Supportve behvor should be mnml s t cn mke you seem too esy nd rewrdng of poor


Followers re unble but wllng to perform tsk.

s the Proje Mnger, you wll need to provde dreon
snce ther blty s low. ddtonlly, you wll wnt to renforce ther wllngness nd thussm by provdng
supportve behvor. For exmple, explnng why the tsk s mportnt nd needs to be done.


Followers re ble to perform tsk but lck the self confdce or thussm to do so.

s the Proje
Mnger, your supportve behvor should be hgh. Fclttng ons such s ve lstng nd shrng n
decson-mkng should be emphszed.


Followers re ble to perform tsk nd re motvted to do so.

s the Proje Mnger, lttle dreon or
support s needed. Followers re very self-dreed t ths level nd re ble to mke ther own decsons. Becuse
of ther hgh level of motvton, they lso do not need lot of supportve behvor. n lrger projes,
ndvduls t ths level of mturty re oft sub-proje leds or tem leds.

The key to usng the Stutonl Ledershp Model successfully s understndng the mturty level of your
tem nd t’s members. Once tht s understood, the model provdes the gudnce to determine the appropriate leadership
you should use.

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Situational Leadership Theory: A Model for Project Managers

Stutonl ledershp theory s powerful model tht proje mngers cn use to be successful. Lern how you cn determne the most effeve stutonl ledershp style to use for your stuton.

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