Site Clinic: Incorporating A Blog On Your Company Website

Written by promotiondept

December 2, 2018

Site Clinic: Incorporng A Blog On Your Company Website


Jackie Baker is an internet marketing analyst with SiteLogic Marketing ( where she foc on auditing websites as well as SEO, social media, usability, and informon architecture . She comes to the industry from a marketing/PR and website development ground. Jackie maintains an active presence online through her blog ( where she shares her love all things equine, particularly therapeutic riding.

I love the idea of having a blog navigon of “most popular posts.” I never would have thought of that. I was asked to blog for my company’s new startup online games for health subsidiary, Playnormous, LLC and have been slowly learning corporate blogging best practices. It’s a very delicate balance between content that is SEO savvy, useful to your loyal readers, and is still interesting to new readers. Some great tips here. Thank you!


That’s a great little tool! If you are using blog software like WordPress, there are a number of different plug-ins you can use to generate the Popular Posts list. Some do it automcally, and others allow you to set the number of posts to show at one time, select the ones that should be included, and randomize the list. Or you can hard code in a list of your choosing. I like to choose the posts that have been read the most or have the most comments. One that gets a lot of comments is nice because it means that it is engaging your readers and getting them to be active in a discussion.

Hi Jackie – do you recommend using PPC to promote a new blog and do you think a company hosted blog will do better in SERP than a public platform such as WordPress or Blogger?
Great article too!

I love the idea of having a blog navigon of “most popular posts.” I never would have thought of that.
Thank you!

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