Site Clinic: Easy to Navigate Equals Easy To Buy

Site Clinic: Easy to Navigate Equals Easy To Buy


Jackie Baker is an internet marketing analyst with SiteLogic Marketing ( where she focuses on auditing websites as well as SEO, social media, usability, and information architecture consulting. She comes to the industry from a marketing/PR and website development background. Jackie maintains an active presence online through her blog ( where she shares her love all things equine, particularly thepeutic riding.

Many times with a site that specializes in merchandise I see that users are more in the browsing mode ther than the hunting mode. I’ d be interested to hear what you have to say that and how (if any at all) did you take that into considetion with and site layout.



Good question! In addressing the of this site in particular, I took both into browsing (looking to see what is interesting) and hunting (looking for something specific) into considetion. Creating a that is organized and logil helps both these kinds of users. The “hunter” will have a much easier time going directly to what they are looking for, and the “browser” will have a better idea of what is available. In addition, featuring content on the homep and sidebar (like Binwaves does), and the related items upselling are both great ways to encour a browser.

If you n come up with a strong scheme that makes sense, is organized the way your customers think, and is labeled intuitively, both of these types of users will find what they want.

great article thankyou for the ill deffinitely link this article!

Thanks for the Great Post! It really contains awesome information.

There are some good reminders here that being the best at something is often just getting the basic things right and not over compliting them. Having text enough to read seems very obvious but I’ve seen many sites that make that mistake and turn you off stightaway. Thanks for a very informative article.

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