Sex hormone symptoms and cancer

Sex hormone symptoms and cancer

Cancer and its treatment can affect sex hormones. Find out about ways to treat and cope with the symptoms that sex hormone changes can cause.

Some cancers or cancer treatments can change the amount of hormones the body produces. Sex hormones include oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone.

Surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone treatment can cause changes in sex hormone levels. Symptoms can include hot flushes, memory problems, tiredness and loss of sex drive.

Information and advice on symptoms men can have as a result of changes in sex hormone levels.

Information and advice on symptoms women can have as a result of changes in sex hormone levels.

There are lots of organisations, support groups and helpful books to help you cope with symptoms and side effects caused by cancer and its treatment.

Search our clinical trials database for all cancer trials and studies recruiting in the UK

Talk to other people affected by cancer

Questions about cancer? Call freephone or email us

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Sex hormone symptoms and cancer

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