Setting SMART Goals

Setting SMART goals is one of the most powerful and practical skills a project manager needs
to master. In both your personal life and your professional career, setting and achieving goals can mean
the difference between wild success and mediocrity.

The key to effective goal setting is to make sure your goal is well-defined.

A well-defined
goal allows individuals and teams to focus on critical activities by providing guidance and boundaries. If a goal
is not defined well, it can lead to wasted effort and even result in decreased team motivation.

There are five criteria that a well-defined goal meets. These criteria are represented by the mnemonic

In addition to applying the SMART criteria when defining your goal, there are two additional aspects you should focus on as well.

First, make sure you understand WHY this goal is important. For challenging goals, this is a critical aspect to answer as it will help keep the team motivated during tough times.

Second, identify what will be needed for you to accomplish this goal.  For example, are there any material items or people that you will need to successfully achieve this goal?

Incorporating SMART criteria into your goal definitions is important for successful goal setting.

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SMART Goal Setting Worksheet: Complete Guidance for Setting and Achieving Goals

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