Helpful web resources and tools that you can use for optimization.

– Forums
Forums can be very beficial not only because you can find answers for web developmt questions but also because it may bring your site more traffic. Don’t forget to be helpful as well by posting relevant articles or leaving answers and commts.

Here are some gr webmaster forums.

Digital Point Forums

SitePoint Forums

Webmaster World
This forum also covers a lot of website developmt related categories. Check the forum index on the left side mu to locate the area that interested in.

Webmaster Talk
Categories that this forum covers: coding (HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, JavaScript and more), website design and graphic, web administration(hosting, domain names, database, server, and more), (Google, web directories, blogging, and more), Internet marketing and (advertising, ecommerce, contt, and more) and other webmaster related topics.

– SEO Resource Sites
SitePro News
This site focuses on omotion, Optimization, blogging, design and marketing.

This site provides a variety of web design articles, tutorials and information through articles, b and forums.

– SEO Tools
Wordtracker: Wordtracker by is a powerful keyword analysis tool used by a gr number of webmasters. It offers hundreds of millions search queries with which you can build keyword lists for pay per click advertising and web optimization for your site.

Its annual subscription fee is $329 and monthly subscription $59 as of April, 2008. If you have one domain, maybe you can take advantage of free 7 day trial. If you have several domain, or you have ough budget, annual subscription will bring you valuable keyword solutions.

Keyword Suggestion Tool: This tool from is a free tool that suggests possible target keywords.

Keyword Dsity Tool: This tool provides the perctage of occurrce of the giv keywords in the giv web site s. Use this tool to properly age the dsity for the targeted keywords of your web s.

Keyword Verification by Marketleap
This tools shows if your web site is in the top three s of a result for a specific keyword. It’s really a cool tool that you can check how well your site is doing with major keywords. Test s are Google, MSN, Yahoo and

Link Popularity Check by Marketleap
You check check how y inbound links that your site has. You can also compare your site popularity with main competitor sites of yours.

This tool provides information about web visibility and pottial strgth to rank in search ginges.


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