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* To protect your identity do not use your full name.

2 posts since

31 May 2019

I’ve signed up because my sister in law is in a hospice, with very little time left. She’s 37 and was diagnosed with bowel cancer last summer. My wife is losing a sister and a best friend, and I am too. I guess I’m signing up to get support, be prepared for our journey through the grief. I know it is going to be so hard. We recently had a baby (6 months old) and we’re gutted he won’t have his auntie around him.



3894 posts since

18 Aug 2017

Hi there …

Oh my, cancer sucks big time … and although this is really gonna be so hard, try to make the most of every hour / day given … leave nothing unsaid… and they say hearing is the last thing to go… so keep talking … she just may hear you …

My heart goes out to you all .. and I’m sure your little boy will know all about his auntie, from you all telling him … we just bring them along in our hearts … 

Sending you all a vertual hug…. hold on in there … Chrissie x

2 posts since

31 May 2019

So, she passed away yesterday. She had family around her. She leaves behind two wonderful children aged almost 2 and 4. They’ll be our inspiration and way out of this I think. It’s so hard.

3894 posts since

18 Aug 2017

I’m so so sorry …

Words seem futile at this time … I’m so glad her babies will have a loving family, to love them …  my heart goes out to you …

Those children are half of her … all the time you have them, you’ll have a part of your sister… every time you hug them, you’ll be hugging her … every time they smile, it will be your sister smiling too … 

If this cancer ends up taking me, I’ll know as long as my son’s, and granddaughters live on… I’ll be right there, ad I’m a part of them … 

Sending you a vertual hug… and a vertual hug for those little ones (a spiecial hug , l keep for my granddaughter)  Chrissie ❤

Seeking a place for support

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