SEC adopts new Inline XBRL requirements

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November 13, 2018

SEC apts new nlne XBRL requrements

The SEC voted to apt a requrement to use nlne XBRL n certan flngs.

The amendments to the extensble busness reportng language (XBRL) requrements, whch wll go nto effect n phases, requre the use of nlne XBRL for operatng company fnancal statement nformaton and mutual fund rsk/return summares. The amendments also elmnate the requrements for companes and funds to post XBRL ta on ther webstes.

nlne XBRL nvolves em XBRL ta drectly nto the flng so that the dsclosure cument s both humanread and machneread.

The XBRL requrement for companes wll begn to phase n next year, as follows:

Flers wll be requred to comply begnnng wth ther frst Form 0Q fled for a fsl perod endng on or after the applc complance te.

n addton, the SEC:



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