Wht do serch gnes look for from your ste?

Wh you your new ste, or you hre ste er, the followng key ponts should be emphszed.

1. Eser nvgton s more mportnt thn pretty looks.

. Serch gnes red text, not mge. Text s wht they ndex.

3. Use mnml or no Flsh. Ths hs be dscussed mong mny ers nd SEO experts. ers stll wnt to use flsh becuse t looks trdy. But here s why ste owners hve to decde to mnmze Flsh for ther new busness ste:

Flsh usully tkes longer tme to lod.
Bck button doesn’t work wth Flsh.
Most mportntly, serch gnes don’t red Flsh. Some serch gnes hve strted to ndex them, but only wh there s good text descrpton bout t.

4. Use CSS rather than tables. Don’t use Font tgs or other old style deprected HTML tgs. f you need to use Tble tgs, remember to dd summry ttrbute n the mn Tble tg to expln wht the tble s bout to
serch gnes.

5. Try not to use much JvScrpt. f you hve to, mke t n externl fle.


By website gallery, October 30, 009 @ 5:33 am

Gret , don’t know wh you wrote ths post. But t ws totlly useful for me. ws thnkng for ths SEF ste but ws not sure wht should be there.



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