Sales Success Tip – You Can Have It, But…

hve to dmt, just n’t get t. n’t understnd nyone would be wllng to pss up the opportunty for rel success. Yet they t everydy. nd not just few but the vst mjorty. Thnk bout t. How mny people you know who re truly successful? n’t men ernng $50,000 yer, beng ble to py the blls nd th hve lttle left over t the d of the month. How mny people you know who re mkng 5 or ev 10 s tht? My guess s very few, becuse there re not lot of them. nd know . Let me tell you story tht s repeted ll too oft tht wll llustrte my pont.

Over the weekd, rn nto n old collegue of mne. used to wth hm severl yers go wh ws n the corporte sles world. He ws lwys modertely successful fnnclly. But he lwys ed hs behnd off. Much hrder thn me, must dmt. My dscusson wth hm on Sturdy told me tht not much hd chnged.

Knowng tht m now sles coch, he sked me f hd ny dvce. Well, hopey everyone redng ths knows you hve to strt wth questons before you cn gve ny nswers! So, sked hm, “Wht specfclly re your problems s you see them?” “Well,” he sd, “’m ng 70 hours week, hve more to thn feel cn get ccomplshed nd just cn’t seem to get pst the ncome level ’ve be on for the pst few yers.” So, sked nother queston, “Exctly wht re your fnncl gols?” He nswered, ” n’t know, mybe $75,000.” Wow. ths knd of n nswer lwys puzzles me. So sked nother queston, “ only $75,000?” would you not wnt to mke twce tht?” “Tht would be wonderful! But would relly stsfed f could just get to $75,000. just thnk $150,000 would be too hrd.” s begn to tlk wth hm bout how he could ctully get there nd less thn he s now, he lost nterest. He hd lredy mde up hs mnd tht he wsn’t prepred to wht t took to get to tht level regrdless of wht sd. ctully ded the converston by syng, “Look, would relly lke to help you. hve lwys thought tht you hd tl. But hve to tell you, ’m not nterested n ng wth someone who strves only for medocrty. wth wnners. Those who hve psson for more. nd not just lttle more. f you ever decde tht you relly wnt success, to excel, to rech your true tl th gve me cll.” gve hm my crd nd wth tht ded the converston.

Now, tht my sound hrsh to you but m n unresonble frd. expect more nd gerlly get t. Mybe t ws bt hrsh, but my gol ws to get hm to reconsder hs less thn lofty gols. Mybe he wll, mybe he won’t. But one thng know for sure…f hd gv hm few tps for mprovemt, few tps tht would hve put n extr $5000 or $10,000 n hs pocket over the next yer, tht would hve be s fr s he would ever go. t lest ths wy, he hs chnce to wke up nd relze tht he s not only short chngng hmself, but everyone round hm, ncludng hs fmly.

Everyone hs gretness wthn them. Everyone. Yet so few nurture t nd brng t forth. You must be wllng to set your gols hgh, to push yourself, to t gretness. t rrely flls n your lp. But, one thng hve found s tht t s ctully much eser to cheve true success thn t s to spd your lfe mred n medocrty, or worse yet strugglng just to py the blls. nd there’s one more thn you should know, success s lot more FUN!

t cn be yours, but you must tke cton. You must exmne your true gols, th tke whtever s re necessry to lern how to rech them. t’s relly s smple s tht.

Greg Beverly, CP, MB hs more thn 21 yers experce helpng others to be the best they cn be. He hs helped thousnds cheve ther gols n lfe. s n uthor, techer, mtor nd helper, he desres to see everyone rech ther true tl. You cn lern how to lve your drems by vstng []

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