Running With Men In Business – Starting a New Business

While there are some women who are trying to break the glass ceiling at firm there
are other women who are trying to do so by starting their own top new business.
There are some startup funding
avenues that are intended to promote and encourage women to start their own business.
Apart from this there are some Angel Investors and Philanthropists who also support
women entrepreneurs.

One of the most popular sources of business capital
for women entrepreneurs is the Small Business Administration. The SBA has been the
leading source of funding for the past several decades. The SBA does not directly
loan to women’s business network. However, it does act as a guarantor. The Office
of Women’s Business Administration at the SBA has been helping to level the playing
field for women entrepreneurs, who still face unique obstacles in the world of business.

Apart from the SBA, there are several fundraising organizations and diversity program’s
that are helping develop women’s business network. There are also grants and loans
database software that contain information on all U. S. federal government grant
and loan programs. The advantage of this software is that an
can search by categories.

There are also some private organizations that offer loans and grants to women entrepreneurs.
Loans from these private organizations range from $ 500 to $ 10,000. Some organization’s
also have diversity programs that provide capital resources
to women entrepreneurs. Community banks are also a great source of seed capital
for women entrepreneurs. Many community banks offer programs that are aimed at encouraging
the formation of women’s business networks.

In addition to these sources, a women entrepreneur also has access to the regular
funding options such as family and friends,
Venture Capitalists
and Angel Investors.
Before approaching a business investor, the entrepreneur needs to look at the investment
records of the investor to see how many such projects have been funded. A detailed
business plan backed by market research needs to be developed before approaching
a business investor.


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