You have a possibly profitable idea which you strongly believe in for a small business,
yet need to raise capital. There is no need to worry. You are not the only one confronted
with this issue. You may have tried banks or various other lending institutions,
only to find yourself turned down due to not meeting their lending guidelines. That
does not, however, mean that you need to give up, especially if you believe in the
venture you are looking to get involved in. What you and other prospective small

business owners
do not know is that you may have grants from state agencies and
federal government at your disposal.

Who knows why grants are being overlooked, but the bottom line is that they could
save you some headaches, so that going a bit deeper into this possibility might
be more than useful if you want to raise capital for your small business. Do you
think that the government is on a tight budget? Think again. The grants from the
federal government add up to a breathtaking 400 billion dollar value and are available
thanks to about 1000 agencies. Do you want to raise capital? Then you can be certain
that a part of the 400 billion dollar pie may be yours for the taking. These figures
have probably convinced you that you should at least do some additional research
if you think that grants may be available to you. Grants should at least be considered
as an alternative way to raise capital. Here is an interesting figure.

Over 500,000 women need to raise capital for their business each year, and most
of them could qualify for grants which could very well prove to be the help they
need to raise capital. If you are in certain specialized industries, you might stand
a greater chance at being able to raise capital through grants. There are many interesting
grant opportunities open of sheltered workshops, and this is only one example. If
you live in an area with a high unemployment rate, then you can be sure that it
is in the government’s best interest to give you a grant if you want to raise capital
for a business which is likely to produce many job opportunities. Many would
never be able to raise capital for their business without grants, due to the fact
that a lot of assets are required in order to secure the costs of running those

Depending on your character, academic background and experience, you can be eligible
for a grant. After you raise capital, you can you off your debt in a fixed timeframe,
but, in general, the schedules with grants are far more flexible that other lending
institutions. All types of businesses are eligible for grants. The owners of certain
companies know very well how natural or seasonal downturns can negatively
affect their business.

The owners may find that they are in a situation where they do not have the necessary
cash flow to keep things running smoothly and need to raise capital. As a result,
grants of up to 35,000 dollars may be the solution for them. Many companies would
have had to close down after certain downturns due to the lack of working capital
without the help of grants. And it would be too bad to let businesses with economical
value go to waste. That is why the government helps owners of such companies raise
capital. These businesses only needed a hand from the government, and they have
managed to raise capital in order to keep them from getting of-track. If you find
yourself needing to raise capital or start a new venture, exploring the various
grant possibilities out there is recommended.


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