3 Low Carb Lattes You Can Enjoy At Home

Sometimes we get customer feedback that really gets our creative juices going.

Like this: 

I know it’s better to drink bone broth every day, but I’m worried I’ll get bored with the same routine. 

We appreciate the honesty – and we also know exactly what they mean!

It IS better to drink bone broth everyday, since nutrients like collagen and vitamins work best when your body is receiving them consistently – not just one time.

Because of this, we recommend a minimum of one serving of bone broth per day. 

But doing the same thing every single day can often crush the desire to do that thing in the first place…

To avoid getting into a “Routine Rut”, we created the Kettle & Fire Recipe Library to showcase a variety of incredible bone broth dishes, so people could find more ways to enjoy.

Then we remembered that some folks really crave the act of making and drinking a hot beverage.
(One unspoken benefit of bone broth is a sense of calm that washes over you with every sip.) 

So we created a list of easy-to-make bone broth lattes that will keep the party on your palate going, day after day, but are also just as soothing as a traditional bone broth sip.

Best of all, you’ll be able to whip these up with ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen.

We designed each latte to include ingredients and nutrients that are better for you than the syrups and additives you normally get from coffee shop creations.

And each has a specific set of benefits, so you can pick and choose based on needs and/or preferences. 

Here’s what you’ll find below: 

If you’re ready to get out of the “Routine Rut”, get funky with flavor and give your taste buds a much-needed turn-up. 

Cheers to health and happiness!

Heat the bone broth and oil on stovetop until warm (or in microwave)

Top with a squeeze of lemon and black pepper and enjoy!

Heat broth on the stovetop in a microwave-safe mug. Pour into the blender. Add butter and oil.

Cover, and blend gently for 20 seconds, or until mixed thoroughly.

Combine all ingredients. Stir well.

Your daily nutrients

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3 Low Carb Lattes You Can Enjoy At Home

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