Prostate Cancer worries! Always needing wee!

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17 posts since

26 Jun 2021

Hello guys.

Just thought I’d share my story and hopefully some of you can shed some light to help me.

I’m always terrified of Cancer,as my mum passed away from it 9 years ago. It was horrible,I was there when she passed .

I’m 36,white and very Healthy. Fit and Active, marathon runner.

I’ve been having waterworks troubles for about 15 years!? Even since I got drunk and Passed out at festival. Woke up and my Wee was orange. Everysince that day,I often get urine infections. Or increased frequency to go to the toilet.

Sometimes it can be worse at night. 

When it was at its worst,10 years ago I would go to the toilet,have a wee,to get into bed,to still need a wee,to go again,and get back to bed. To need a wee again!!! was horrible as a 26year old. 

Eventually jjst had to live with it,and not drink alcohol. 

Now I’ve had all sort of tests,for , camera check, and nothing has ever come back with anything.

Now my symptoms today,and not as bad as before. Still frequently going to toilet, tightness arlund my Abs area. Could this be Prostrate Cancer and just been missed all these years?

I’ve expressed my concerns and message my doctor. Jjst waiting to hear back. 

4008 posts since

19 Jun 2013

Hello Flyingcatfish

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been dealing with some ongoing bladder problems. good to hear that to this point none of the investigations you’ve had have raised any concerns but obviously, this doesn’t directly help your situation and understandable that you’re concerned something may have been overlooked. 

I wonder if you might find it helpful to get in touch with Bladder and Bowel UK who support people with problems. They have a helpline and may be able to offer some advice and support about the best way forward with this problem. 

I do hope that things can be resolved for you. 

Best wishes, 
Cancer Chat moderator 

Prostate Cancer worries! Always needing a wee!

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