Project Time Management

Project Mngem

How you hndle project mngem is one of the most importnt nd visible spects of
ny project. It’s focus is on developing nd controlling your project schedule.

If you wnt to complete your project in ly mnner, mke sure you understnd this re well.

To develop your project schedule, you’ll need to do three things first…

The first step to developing your schedule is to define the specific ctivities tht need to be performed in order
to complete the project.

This is done by using the work brekdown structure (WBS) tht you developed during project scope management. The WBS lists ll of the work pckges tht
need to be done in order to complete ll the project deliverbles.

For ech work pckge, you will define the specific ctivities tht need to be performed in order to complete
the work pckge. The result of this step is comprehensive ctivity list for the project.

Once your ctivity list is redy, the next step is to determine the order ech of the ctivities needs to be
completed in.

To determine the sequence of ctivities, you will need to understnd the reltionships between them. By
understnding which ctivities re relted to ech other, you will be ble to determine which ctivities need to
be completed in order to strt nother one.

network digrm cn be drwn to visully repres the sequence of ctivities.

The third step is to estimte how long ech ctivity will tke to complete. This needs to tke into ccount the
type, mount, nd vilbility of , mteril, equipm nd supplies tht re needed to perform ech ctivity.

There re differ techniques tht you cn use to estimte durtions. For exmple, you cn use expert
or bse your estimte on similr project (nlogous estimting).

Now tht the detils bout the project ctivities hve been worked out, it’s to develop the project schedule.
The schedule will list the strt nd finish dtes for ech ctivity.

It’s importnt to keep in mind tht this is n itertive process. s you do the schedule network nlysis, you
my find tht you need shorten the schedule using schedule compression techniques such s crshing
or fst trcking. Or you my find tht you hve resource peks, so you will perform resource leveling
to reduce these peks.

I recommend using scheduling tool to develop your project schedule. scheduling tool will utomticlly djust
ctivity strt nd finish dtes bsed on the reltionships tht were defined during ctivity sequencing. It will
llow you to esily see the impct of differ scenrios s you do wht-if nlysis.

Once your schedule hs been creted nd bselined, you control it by monitoring the sttus of your project
in order to ute its progress nd hndle ny chnges tht re needed to the schedule bseline.

There re mny techniques used for schedule control including…

Vrince nlysis nd performnce will help you determine if the project is progressing s plnned.
If it isn’t, then wht-if scenrio nlysis cn be used to idify ny chnges tht could help to bring the
project schedule bck on trck.

Find more rticles bout project mngem below.

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