Project Mngement Scope

In project mngement, scope refers to ll of the products, services, nd results provided by
your project.

Project Mnger’s Resource

Project Scope Management

Hving cler nd greed definition of your project’s scope nd mnging tht scope s the project proceeds is
criticl for it’s success.

In project mngement, there re ctully two types of scope you need to be fmilir with…

Product scope is wht your end customer cres bout. It is ll of the fetures nd functions tht
the product or service your project is delivering will provide.

Project scope is ll of the work tht needs to be done to provide the product or service your
project is delivering.

Now tht you know wht project mngement scope is, there re three
res tht you will need to focus on to mke sure you re mnging
your project’s scope effectively…

The purpose of scope plnning is to clerly define wht is included in the project. Just
s importntly, in the process of defining wht’s included you will lso explicitly stte wht is excluded from
the project.

Scope plnning hs three steps…

The ft step in scope plnning is to determine the needs nd expecttions of the key project stkeholders in order
to meet the project objectives. These re the requirements tht your project will need to fulfill in
order for your stkeholders to consider your project success.

Some ppros you cn use to collect requirements re…

Using these ppros, you will be ble to cpture the requirements from the different project stkeholders tht
the project will need to meet.

Once you’ve collected the requirements, you cn use them to develop your Project Scope Statement. The Project Scope Sttement provides detiled description of everything included in the project.

Some of the criticl items ddressed in the Project Scope Sttement re…

Once greed with the key stkeholders, the Project Scope Sttement becomes bsis for project decisions.

The finl step in Scope Plnning is to crete the work breakdown structure (WBS) for the project. WBS is used to brekdown ech project deliverble identified in the Project Scope Sttement into smller, more
mngeble components. The WBS is key project mngement scope tool.

For exmple, if you re responsible for setting up conference for new product your compny is lunching, one of
the deliverbles you would need to hndle would be “Venue.” Venue s deliverble is quite lrge, so it should be
broken down…

Book Venue



If needed, ech component cn be broken down further just s how “Book Venue” ws.

work brekdown structure will help you estimte your project’s cost, understnd wht skills you will need
your tem to hve, nd determine how mny people you will need to deliver the project. The WBS will lso help when you
strt building your schedule.

Scope control is the process of mnging the scope of your project so tht ny chnges to the
project scope re hndled in controlled wy. This implies tht you will need to set up chnge control

It would be gret if once the scope ws greed during the scope plnning, tht it wouldn’t chnge. But in the rel
world, unforeseen events cn mke chnge in scope necessry. s long s chnges re hndled in controlled wy, it
isn’t bd thing. When chnges re uncontrolled, it is known s scope creep.

controlled chnge would come vi fl chnge request. The request would be nlyzed to determine the impct to
the projects schedule, cost, nd qulity. The stkeholders involved in the chnge control process cn then decide
whether they cn ccept the impcts to the originl pln. If it is ccepted, then the project mnger djusts the plns
nd bselines ccordingly.

Scope verifiction is where the project deliverbles re reviewed by the customer to mke sure they
hve been completed ccording to the cceptnce criteri defined during scope plnning.

Your bility to effectively perf project mngement scope plnning, control, nd verifiction is
importnt for ensuring your project is successful.

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