Post breast clinic advice needed

Post breast clinic advice needed

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* To protect your identity do not use your full name.

4 posts since

1 Jun 2019

hi, I have just had an appointment at clinic following finding a lump on my left breast.

The advice prior to my ultrasound was that it is most likely a Fibroadenoma. Anyone had one?

During the ultrasound the doctor was unsure what it was due to abnormal cells surrounding lump. She proceeded to do a biopsy. Now waiting on results. 

3894 posts since

18 Aug 2017

Hi there ..

It’s a really scary time, waiting for results … I had 5 call backs over the years…. an the first four were fibrous tissue, as I had really lumpy boobs … and although nothing will stop you worrying , try not to do the “what ifs” or Google symptoms … it’s always worst case scenario…

And try to keep in mind 8.5 out of ten lumps are benign… try to keep as busy as possible .. let us know how you go … Chrissie x

3 posts since

1 Jun 2019

Hi… i also when to my gp 1st with a lump she also said she was sure it was Fibroadenoma ( apparently common in the age group 25-35. Iam 36 this month ) and fast referral to breast services clinic as it measured 4-5cm. I had biopsys taken at my appointment and i was unlucky but they do say around 80% of lumps are benign. So please don’t think your diagnosis will be the same. I have learnt a few things in the past weeks that lead up to my diagnosis, so if any random symptoms or none lol might b able to help put ur mind at rest. To be honest its all the waiting thats the worse part. Keep ya chin up chick.. on a gd note 2 years ago i had a lump checked out on the other breast and it turned out to be a cyst, keep yourself busy untill results & stay away from google!! Ha not a easy 1 to do i know! X

4 posts since

1 Jun 2019

I’m very sorry to hear that:(. Hope your doing ok.

Yeah I am 31. If you don’t mind me asking is yours at an early stage? She said mine was 1-2cm

I was ok about until the doctor doing the ultrasound appeared quite concerned. That’s what has worried me and kept asking about family history of young woman and breast cancer.

I have two weeks to wait so a long time! 

4 posts since

1 Jun 2019

Thanks very much for your advice Chrissie.

il keep positive and let you know how it goes x

Post breast clinic advice needed

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