Portable Shooting Bench – Assembly Video

Who says nothing in life is FREE?  Well the plans for this practical and highly functional and cost effective shooting bench are totally free to www.RealitySurvival.Com readers!  This cool shooting bench was made from one single 4’x8’x3/4″ piece of plywood.  This particular shooting bench was cut out using a CNC machine, but it can also be made using basic wood working tools as well.  This portable shooting bench has a few advantages over other shooting benches.  First, this bench is cheap!  You can have a fully functional shooting bench for the cost of one sheet of plywood and a couple hours of labor!  Second, this portable shooting bench disassembles and stores completely flat.  Which makes it very easy to fit in a trunk or under other gear in a trucks bed, behind a seat, etc.  Third, the entire bench assembles in seconds and disassembles just as quickly!  Fourth, this portable shooting bench is rock solid when placed on level ground.  Fifth, this shooting bench is completely ambidextrous, it is perfect for either right hand or left hand shooters!  The downside to this shooting bench is that it doesn’t rotate like some other portable shooting benches.  That said, the bench is easy enough to pick up and turn to the desired direction and you also have a pretty wide field of fire just by rotating your rifle on the bench top.  Overall, at about a fifth of the price of other portable shooting benches this bench is one heck of deal if constructed as indicated in the plans below.  Take a look at the pictures of this bench in each phase of assembly and watch the video to see it assembled piece by piece.


Shooting Bench – Dimensions

Shooting Bench – NO Dimensions

Shooting Bench – Trim Weight Ideas







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Somebody went through the effort of creating the CNC program. Presumably they made more than one. Who has them for sale?

You can download it from the right side bar. Look for the Icon. It is a zip file. Cheers jj

I mean somebody sells the whole bench, not just the program.

My benches are not like the one above but similar. Constructed of 3/4 inch plywood, go together in less than a minute, and break down the same. Easy to strore, easy to carry and transport. I make a number of different sizes to custom fit your shooting needs, style and accessories. Send me an email at bhsautter@msn.com and I will send pictures and prices.

Cool! Thanks JJ

Very clever design and I have a friend with a CNC machine.
The plans don’t have the cutouts that ‘lighten the load’. Do you have a .dwg file with those cutouts included or do I need to do that myself?

Thanks a lot and
Stay safe.

Yep, sure do check the right side bar or the Resources Tab above for the drop down. Cheers JJ

I made one of these with just a jigsaw and a drill it turned out great don’t need a high dollar cnc machine to make. Going to make more for friends

I downloaded the file and took it to a workshop who cut it out with a waterjet CNC machine. Great finish and fitted together perfect. Thanks. Muz

Awesome! I am glad it worked out well for you. Cheers JJ

Very cool! I am glad it turned out well. Happy shooting! Cheers JJ

hello from Australia

great plans, cant wait to start the build

looks fantastic

Just finished mine today. Super awesome! I used aluminum channel on the feet to protect them from chipping.
If love to post a picture if it here. Thanks for the great plans. I found a local guy who was awesome and cut it out with his CNC for $20!
Took the router to all the exposed edges. I stained it OD green and I can’t wait to use it.

Very cool! Glad it worked out well! Thanks for letting us know!

That’s slick!! Dude! Spend a few bucks on some good quality plywood, finish it nicely and enjoy the look, too. Very cool idea. I like the no-tools-needed part and that it stores flat. A good bag and boom, you’re set.

And while your at it, the same techniques used to build this thing can be used to build a rifle rest that sets into the top with the same locking tabs. (Might want to use a couple screws on that, though…).

Dude. I’m stealing your video for use on my site. No, I won’t give it back, but yes, I’m linking to you and your cool FREE plan offer.

You rock!

LOL, GO ahead! I don’t mind at all!

It is a cool lil bench!

Awesome bench. Easy to make, sturdy,simple right or left hand assembly,flat storage,light, what more could you ask for.Even I can make this,lol. The project begins!! Thanks so much!

Sweet! Thanks. Let us know how it comes out!

I’m thinking that it could be made out of 3/4″ PVC or AZAK (or whatever it’s called) sheets, and then it would never rot or delaminate.

Sure if it was stiff enough that could be an option!

Are the shooting bench plans still free? I can only download dimensioned drawings and layout plan! No info files to send to the 2D router. If they are now a pay for deal, please enlighten me on how to proceed ☺️

The plans that are up are the only ones we have ever had. Hope they help!


You bet! Hope you enjoy it!

I made one of these shooting benches out of plywood using a jigsaw and a drill and some files it turned out great. I transferred the measurements to the plywood and for the large curved piece I used the round lid of a webber bbq I cut all the pieces out then filed, sanded, stained and varnished. I have used this bench several times and its great for sighting in. I hope this helps for someone planning to build one for themselves.

Awesome! Glad it worked out well!

Trying to download your plan for the shooting bench. Having problems with download. Please help

I downloaded the plans and measured out for all the cuts on my plywood. The only dimension I can’t figure out is the large R12. How the heck do I figure out the reference point for the radius? Thanks!

Can you please send me the blue prints on your shooting bench thank you

I’m unable to download the file. I click onto the “Download Pans” and it redirects me to another page (https://www.realitysurvival.com/blog/). No plans on that page either. Sooooo where are the plans?

There is a link right in the middle of the page.

You can download them from the link in the middle of the page.

The link in the middle of the page just redirects me to another blog page every time I try to download the plans. I’ve tried on two different computers using google chrome and firefox browsers. I honestly don’t know what I could be doing wrong. Would an admin person have the ability to check the link again, or instruct us further on how to download the plans again, please?
I really look forward to getting one of these benches put together.

Try it now, it should be fixed.

It should be fixed now.

The link in the middle of the page should be working now.

The link should be working now.

This is the great shooting bench for outdoor activities and training long range target shooting.

I like your design. Thanks for sharing. Making your own bench is cheaper than buying one and it also means you can make one to your exact specs

Still looking for the CNC program. Can you help?

I only have what is linked on the page.

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Portable Shooting Bench – Assembly Video

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