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PVC is some pretty versatile stuff. PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, and it can be found both in rigid or in flexible forms. There are also different uses as per the variance in capabilities.

PVC pipe can have a heat-resistance ranging from about 212 degrees F all the way up to 500 degrees F. Just be on the safe side: take the product number, make, and model, and find out directly from the manufacturer what the temperature range/rating is. PVC  can hold up to a pretty good beating from a slew of different chemicals, such as salt, acids, strong bases (alkaline, such as fertilizer), liquid fats, alcohol, and other strong solvents. For this reason, it is used in plumbing for sewage, as well as outflow transport for other noxious wastes and chemicals.

Putting it to use will depend on you researching the types available in your local hardware stores and performing an accurate assessment of them for what you intend. Let’s explore some of those “thinking-outside-the-box” uses for PVC pipe.

We’d love to hear any of your suggestions as to what uses you have found to employ PVC pipe. It is inexpensive, sturdy, and can be put to a wide array of uses of which we have just scratched the surface here. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom who may wish to put a greenhouse together or a would-be Yanomamo blowgun champion, PVC pipe is very versatile stuff that may give you a few things that are more lightweight, portable, and durable than you may have considered with the standard fare at the big-box store. It is all a matter of imagination and inventiveness. Let us know what you’ve done with it in the past.  JJ out!

This article was originally published at Ready Nutrition™ on December 6th, 2018

I used PVC to build the frame for a porta potti shelter in my shop. It works great. I am also looking at building a frame for an out door sink system,

I live in an area with very rocky ground. Underground sprinkler systems were not a viable option. I built an above ground system with PVC pipe. I used 3/4 inch main line with 1/2 inch risers. Adapters at the top so I could screw in sprinkler heads and in line valves to control water flow. Worked great.

I’ve seen a lot of structures attempted with PVC like small greenhouses, or people trying to use it for shelving,but it will bow and sag just under its own weight. It also becomes extremely brittle after a few months exposure to sunlight. Great for plumbing and irrigation, though.

Use grey conduit pipe which is not affected by UV rays and won’t deteriorate in the sun.

PVC leeches chemicals.

Great info!! I have one more use for PVC for you..to launch “ordinance” down range.Be that a simple bottle rocket to scare away predators or something a bit “healthier” for scaring away something a bit bigger..It’s good to know how to make such items and “YouTube” is full of interesting videos along those lines..see “sugar rockets”

PVC can be used to make a bow for using straight branches for arrows. YouTube has several “how to’s” on doing this.
You can also make a crossbow out of a piece of 2X6 and PVC pipe.

Schedule 40 or 60 can be used to make a cannon with small nails as “shot”. Use Engine Starter (Ether) for a propellant.
Designs are available on YouTube.

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