You may have heard ths expresson y tmes before: ‘f you thnk college s expensve,
you ought to see how expensve gnorance s’. Although there mght be some werd
humor n the expresson, the fact s that there should be no excuse for someone
not gong to college nowadays. Some may say that they have vald for not
gong to college, but the fact that you n’t find
for college fnancal fundng should clearly not be one of those .
Actually, t’s pretty straghtforward to fnd money. There are plenty of college
grants and college scholarshps today.

And beuse some don’t try to fnd money n scholarshps, y of the avalable
grants actually are not awarded every year, for the smple reason that no apples
for them! There are a lot of busnesses and corporatons that n help you n you
process to find money by usng the college
grant and college scholarshps they offer as a tax wrte-off. n the se that t
s not awarded, they lose out on that wrte-off, so there are plenty of them that
are more anxous than ever to award these college grants and college scholarshps.

Today to fnd money through a college grant or college scholarshp s possble for
vrtually any student who has the motvaton and the ncentve to fll out the applton
forms. n fact, some students find money
for college as multple scholarshps and grants. And ths s smply beuse they
sat down and took the tme to fll out the appltons. These are probably students
who do not excel n sports or n musc, or drama, or any other area. nstead, they
understand the mportance of havng a college eduton n today’s very compettve
real world, they made the tme to go through the steps requred and f fnancal
support was ther ssue, they were able to fnd money to sustan themselves n college.

Whle there are both grants and scholarshps avalable for all students who want
to find money, grants are more lkely to
be awarded based on fnancal need. By contrast, scholarshps are not nearly as
closely ted to whether or not there s a lack of money, so not only those that
need to fnd money for college may be awarded scholarshps. But then agan, by nvestgatng
the cost of a college eduton these days and after consderng all lvng expenses
n a dorm or a us apartment, books and other very basc necesstes, the cost
of these college years may well run nto fve fgures, perhaps even sx fgures.

Ths mght gve anyone a motvaton to find money
and furthore, a fnancal need s not gong to be hard to justfy for vrtually
anyone. For young people who want to fnd money, college grants and college scholarshps
dffer ly from the usual student s lke the FAFSA . Although payments
for the usually do not start untl after the student has graduated, t stll
needs to be pad back. Thus, snce both grants and scholarshps are non-refundable,
they are a more attractve opton for anyone who wants to fnd money. The bottom
lne s that when tryng to fnd money for your college eduton, take the tme
to out the y resources avalable for a college grant or college scholarshp.
After graduaton, you are much better off f you start out by not beng n a huge
ple of debt, and the need to find money
agan, but n start clean wth your new degree.


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