Pistol Shooting Tips for Engaging Multiple Targets & Fast Double Taps


This is a video from a YouTube buddy of mine who has been a competitive shooter for a long time.  You can subscribe to either of his YouTube channels at http://www.youtube.com/user/nictaylor00?feature=watch or http://www.youtube.com/user/TexasNative00.

In the video demo below each target will receive 2 hits (double tap) as fast and as accurately as you can. In order to improve your speed at which you engage the targets.  He will also demonstrate a few things to look for as you are going through this motion.  If you do this drill at the range and put some practice into it, as you fine tune your rhythm, I think you will find the results are going to make you a better shooter.  I hope you enjoy the video!


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This clip from “John Rambo” (the last of the series, and the best) always fascinated me. I’m a quick shot, but John shoots, in this Hollywood flick, with a speed I try to match. But I don’t try at the expense of complete abandon, as I explain later. The first two shots take care of the immediate challenge. The following series is as your linked video suggests – quick and fluid.


Something else to note from this clip.
He tries to deescalate – to negotiate. When this fails…..
He takes a quick appraisal of the pieces arrayed before him against what he KNOWs he is going to have to do. He has already made the decision to kill these bastards, but he has to decide in what order and at what moment. It’s all over in less than two seconds. Well, except for the clean-up at the stern. But the enemy was essentially defeated.

It’s one thing to know how to shoot. It is quite another to know when.

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Pistol Shooting Tips for Engaging Multiple Targets & Fast Double Taps

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