Personal Doomsdays, Natural & Man Made Disasters

Remember the good old days of prepping when we thought about hypothetical disaster situations and didn’t have the same sense of urgency we have these days?  Don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying NO sense of urgency, i’m saying we thought about these manmade disasters as something we probably had a little time to prepare […]

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Remember the good old ys of preppng when we thought about hypothetcal dsaster stuatons and didn’t have the same sense of urgency we have these days?  Don’t get me wrong, ’m not sayng NO sense of urgency, ’m sayng we thought about these manmade dsasters as somethng we probably had a lttle tme to prepare for.

These ys t seems that anythng can and wll happen, and that somethng bg s just around the corner. t seems as though we are standng at the edge of a clff, and behnd us s a herd of socal justce warror, poltcans, and the manstream meda personaltes runnng full speed towards us. 

have always been the type of person that prepares for the worst and hopes for the best, but these ys hopng for the best seems lke a myopc fantasy. Wll t be some sort of full fledged SHTF scenaro? Wll t be somethng slow burnng that affects us for an extended perod of tme? Who knows, but t sure feels lke change s comng, and t’s comng sooner than most people thnk.

make sure and reassess my preparedness plans perodcally, but ths tme t seems to hold more mportance than t ever has before. Could just be paranod and beng a “Doomsyer”? suppose so.  But ’d rather be a Doomsyer than have my head bured n the sand wth my fngers crossed, hopng everythng wll be fne.

When you have a leak n the roof, you fx t before s runs the whole house. Our country has a huge hole n ts roof, and nstead of fxng t, everyone just grabs an umbrella and wats for the ran to stop. That’s all fne and good untl t starts to ran agan.

My pont s, we can only control what we can control. We need to do everythng n our power to do what we can, and then let the cards fall where they may. Reassessng your preparedness priorities won’t gve you every answer, but t wll gve you a better dea about where to focus your tme and energy.

We know that havng a well-rounded preparedness plan means preppng for anythng lfe mght throw our way. When t comes to survvng personal doomsdays and natural disasters, there sn’t much we can do but learn and prepare. There s nothng we can do to stop many of these acts of God from happenng, but we can (and should) help ourselves to survve them.

Manmade dsasters on the other hand are self-nflcted wounds that can be avoded, but all too often are not. No one pays attenton untl t’s too late. On an ndvdual level there s not much we can do, but as a socety we are responsble for lettng these thngs happen.

As a socety we have allowed poltcans to become corrupt, we’ve allowed bg busness to nfltrate the government, and we’ve allowed the MSM to dctate how we thnk and feel. Because lfe has been so good for so long, we have taken for granted the lfe and lberty we hold so dear.

Ths s why feel that poltcs plays a bg role n preparedness. Unless you’re talkng about a Yellowstone erupton or an asterod httng the earth, natural dsasters come and go n a short perod of tme. Manmade dsasters however tend to have long lastng effects and tend to lead to a domno affect of dsasters that follow.

Below s a lst of potental dsaster scenaros that feel are more mportant than ever. You’ll notce that every sngle one of these s caused by humans. Ths s not because natural dsasters and personal doomsys aren’t a prorty or mportant, t’s because those are the bascs of preparedness. f you don’t have those fgured out, stop readng ths and focus your energy there.

Ths lst s not n any certan order. These ys t’s harder than ever to say one event s more possble than another. Our acceleraton over the clff s n hyperdrve rght now, so none of these scenaros would surprse me more than the others n the comng months or years.

’ll be honest, a few years ago a pandemc ddn’t rate hgh on my lst of prortes. Whle ths pandemc seems to be dyng down, t has shown us how a pandemc can dsrupt our lves. The Covd pandemc was mnor compared to pandemcs of the past and what could come.

A pandemc wth a mortalty rate far less than 1% shut down busnesses, led to supply shortages, and gave an excuse to governments around the world to weld ther power and nfrnge on people’s nduval lbertes. Could you magne the chaos a pandemc wth a mortalty rate of just 2 or 3% would cause? t would lterally be a TEOTWAWK (The End Of The World As We Know t) event. Emphass on “As We Know t”.

Wth the way our economy s gong, and the way our government has the ablty and wllngness to postpone the nevtable tme and tme agan, the economy remains high on my prepping priorities list. don’t see ths as somethng that mplodes overnght, but rather somethng that takes tme to develop.

can see somethng lke ths unfoldng somewhat lke the pandemc dd. You hear news about how bad t could get, people ether overreact or gnore t, and eventually realty sets n. The government then makes a few kneejerk reactons to try and slow the fall, but t’s too lttle too late.

The truth s, we really don’t know how somethng lke ths could unfold. t could be smlar to the great depresson that makes lfe dffcult for a few years, or t could mean a complete change to our economc system. An economc crss (self-nflcted or otherwse) could lead to The Great Reset as ’ll go over later.

Poltcans have always been susceptble to brbery and corrupton, and bg busness has always tred to work the system for corporate gans. Look no further than the Rothchld’s, Carnege’s and Vanderblt’s. Those men would be droolng rght now wth the ease at whch bg busness can lne a poltcan’s pockets and affect change n Washngton.

Because these elected offcals can create fnance s that enrch themselves, corrupton and brbery has become somewhat legal. Corporate lobbysts have more power than ever these ys because they lne the pockets of these poltcans and wrte the s these elected offcals push through.

Ths vdeo shows exactly what ’m talkng about. n the last 20 years popular opnon has lterally no nfluences on polcy change n Washngton. f you are a corporaton however, that number sgnfcantly ncreases.

Other than the obvous, the bg problem see wth ths s that bg busnesses lke Coke, Amazon and are n the busness of makng money…lots of money. Therefore, decsons they make are based on popular opnon (or perceved popular opnon).

The vocal mnorty on socal meda screamng about cancel culture, woksm and racsm affect decsons these companes make. The meda and poltcans amplfy these voces, and n turn these companes’ “stanrds” make t all the way to Washngton.

There s a reason our foundng fathers chose a representatve republc rather that a full democracy, and that’s the same reason we have the electoral . When 51% of the country gets to make the decsons for the rest of the country, the mob rules, and declne s nevtable.

Cvl unrest has been, and wll contnue to be one of my preppng prortes. Ths s because almost every SHTF stuaton could nvolve cvl unrest to one extent or another. These ys however, cvl unrest s almost a ly occurrence. Racal tensons, ncome nequalty, and people feelng gnored by the system have rased the tenson level n ths country hgher than ’ve seen n my lfetme.

My concern s when do we reach the tppng pont when cvl unrest becomes cvl conflct or cvl war? Our elected offcals tend to turn a blnd to some lootng and rots, whle actng lke others are a threat to our democracy.

f t becomes acceptable to burn down ctes (and t has) and people feel there s no other choce but to defend themselves, ths wll escalate beyond cvl unrest. hestate to say cvl war, but wth the meda and poltcan’s wllngness to fan the flames, t wouldn’t take much to set off the powder keg.

Popular culture n tself sn’t a “SHTF” scenaro, but t can and wll lead to them. As stated earler, the extremely vocal mnorty are shapng socety. These people voces get amplfed, and people are afrad to speak out n fear or retrbuton. This article from the NYPost states…

t’s happenng not because anybody voted for t, but because a small but determned and vcous mnorty s bullyng people to go along, relyng on cowardce and groupthnk to acheve ends that could never happen va majorty vote.”

Ths s even worse than a pure democracy where 51% or the people make decsons for the whole country. Ths means maybe 5% or less of the populaton (the woke mob) s makng decsons for the whole country. Unfortunately, don’t see ths changng untl socety becomes so dysfunctonal there s no other choce.

Lke sad n the vdeo, ’m not sure what concerns me the most about Chna, but ther quest for world domnaton puts them hgh on my rar. t could be mltary conflcts, t could be economc ssues, or t could be ther ncreasng tes wth Amercan companes.

Our poltcans and bg busnesses scream and yell about nequaltes here n the U.S. but say almost nothng about the genocde and human rghts volatons gong on n Chna, and t’s all because of money. t’s good for busness to be “Woke” n the U.S. but t’s bad for busness to call Chna out for ther crmes.

Wth ths push to mplement The Great Reset t seems to me that the stage s beng set for WW3. Durng WW2 you had the Axs and the Alles (the good guys and bad guys). We can assume that countres lke Chna, Russa, ran, and North Korea wll want nothng to do wth the Great Reset, thus makng them the Axs.  

Now before get the “Doomsyer” label, ’m not sayng we can expect WW3 n the next year or so. What ’m sayng s that t seems nevtable n the future. don’t see any scenaro where these countres put down ther swords and come along ncely.  

Ths s a bg one for me. don’t see anyway that some sort of Great Reset s avoble absent some sort of major uprsng hear and around the world. Our country s prntng money at a staggerng rate, and makng decsons that makes me thnk they know somethng s comng.

n the mage above you can see how these eltes what to harness the 4thndustral revoluton. t’s mportant to note that the defnton of harness s to control. Under the guse of equalty and sustanablty these eltes want to control every aspect of our lves. f you look at the full chart on the World Economic Forum website, you can see exactly what mean.

Equalty and sustanablty sounds great on the surface, but so does the Patrot Act, the For the People Act, and common sense gun control.

For the Great Reset to take hold n the Unted States t would mean rppng up the consttuton. The Great Reset fles n the face of everythng the foundng fathers were about. Because of ths don’t see an outrght pvot to ths system, thnk t’s more of a “death by a thousand cuts” blueprnt that our government seems to lke so much.

n my opnon, all these scenaros lead to changes to ths country (and the world) that we can barely fathom. Ths may take a few decades or a century, but the Unted States wll look nothng lke t does now.

The queston s what stuatons are lkely to present themselves leadng up to that? Cvl unrest, cvl war, economc ssues, world war, and the Great Reset. To me, t’s all on the table.

As always, f you have any deas you would lke to add to ths lst, and any thoughts that mght help the readers out, leave a comment below.

Survval and beng prepared should not only be a passon, t should be a lfestyle. The defnton of a prepper s “An ndvdual or group that prepares or makes preparatons n advance of, or pror to, any change n normal crcumstances, wthout substantal resources from outsde sources” Lke the Government, polce etc.
don’t beleve that the end of the world wll be the “end of the world” beleve t wll be the end of the world as we know t now.
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Happiness is for those who plan well and pursue. A profound among us have been proven those who have true dream to live for likely REALIZED IT. It is just simply the person working toward the DREAM days and night until accomplishment. There is a phrase of efficiency a head of you. Steps and obstacles at first seem tremendous. However, just with some times those difficult steps and challenges are so easy performance for you. There are also plenty of tools including VISUALIZATIONS and helps are around you.

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