My efforts to improve PPC (Pay-Per-Click ) CTR (Click-Through Rate) and conversion rate are continuing. These are additional PPC promotional tactics that I am definitely going to apply.

Tips to promote your Pay-Per-Click advertisements by improving Quality Score.

1. Use modifiers.: Use words like ‘discount’ or ‘affordable’ in display ads.
Examples: affordable digital SLR, discount hiking shoes

2. Remove paused keywords.
Keywords that have impressions but 0% CTR could be hurting account performance. Remove the keywords that are forcibly paused. This will help keyword maintenance as well as improve account Quality Score.

3. Turn off your ads during off-hours.
Drop your ads during off-hours if the products or service that you provide are primarily marketed to normal work-hour business.

4. Landing Pages

5. Google Website Optimizer for Split Testing
Test different combinations of content on landing pages or sites and find out which version has the highest conversion rate. Google Website Optimizer is available for all Adwords users.

What is Automatic Match and will this improve your conversion rates?

Google’s Automatic Matching shows your ads on relevant queries that are not already captured by you. Adwords will continue monitoring the performance of these search queries and adjust automatic matches accordingly. The goal of this new feature is to send additional targeted traffic at a similar click cost. This feature is enabled by default. There are not many reports yet about how Automatic Match will improve your Google Pay-Per-Click performance.


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