My efforts to PPC (Pay-Per-Clck ) CTR (Clck-Through Rate) and converson rate are contnung. se are addtonal PPC al tactcs that am defntely gong to apply.

Tps to promote your Pay-Per-Clck advertsements by mprovng Qualty Score.

1. Use modfers.: Use words lke ‘dscount’ or ‘affordable’ n dsplay ads.
Examples: affordable dgtal SLR, dscount hkng shoes

2. Remove paused keywords.
Keywords that have mpressons but 0% CTR could be hurtng account perfance. Remove keywords that are forcbly paused. Ths wll help keyword mantenance as well as account Qualty Score.

3. Turn off your ads durng off-s.
Drop your ads durng off-s f products or servce that you provde are prmarly marketed to nal work- .

4. Landng Pages

5. Google ste Optmzer for Splt Testng
Test dfferent combnatons of content on landng pages or stes and fnd out whch verson has hghest converson rate. Google ste Optmzer s avalable for all Adwords users.

What s Automatc Match and wll ths your converson rates?

Google’s Automatc Matchng shows your ads on relevant queres that are not al captured by you. Adwords wll contnue montorng perfance of se search queres and adjust automatc matches accordngly. goal of ths new feature s to send addtonal targeted traffc at a smlar clck cost. Ths feature s enabled by default. re are not many reports yet how Automatc Match wll your Google Pay-Per-Clck perfance.


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