Non-profit Funding

Written by Peter Tran

July 29, 2017

Rasng for a non proft s a lot tougher than fndng
startup capital
for a commercal busness. reason for ths s obvous.
After all, you can’t promse a business
of a non proft that you wll make profts on nvestment.

best way n to fnd fundng for a non proft s by askng for drect donatons.
Non proft organzatons should ask for funds from government agences and corporatons
for grants to support specfc programs and projects.

Anor way to fnd for non proft organzaton s through fundrasng.
Fundrasng ncludes efforts to rase from ndvduals as well as through
grants and from prvate and corporate phlanthropsts.

To raise startup capital for non proft, message and am of non
proft has to be clear. A non proft agency ft has to decde on areas that
t wll work n as well programs that t plans to nvest before t solcts
phlanthropsts and ndvduals for funds.

re are two fundrasng commandments: smplfy and . Many small nonprofts
have trouble n raising startup capital be y pursue every concevable opportunty,
reby dlutng r efforts and losng sght of r msson.

Just lke every entrepreneur nes to develop a strong busness plan before roachng
an angel nvestor for funds, non proft organzatons ne to develop a strong case

case statement nes to nes to be smply but effectvely wrtten n order
for t to be us to raise funds. case statement nes to explan msson
of organzaton as well as problem that non proft s tryng to resolve
or allevate. To be most effectve, case statement nes to be alz.

Lke every new business, non proft nes to defne ts target audence to rase
captal. Agan just as n any or busness, a non proft should start wth famly
and frends for donatons. Ths n has to be follow by a well proven marketng
technque to mprove organzaton’s chance of gettng new captal.

Makng alz eals to core group s best way of fndng fundng
for non profts programs. Anor effectve method s al vsts. A member
of a non proft agency always has to rehearse fund raising talk before meetng
wth an ndvdual donor. reason for ths s that every phlanthropst for a
non proft agency s smlar to an angel nvestor for a new busness.

ndvdual alz vstng s a great source of unrestrct funds to cover
unglamorous but vtal overhead expenses



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