Many people truly beleve sayng: “t takes money to make money.” Ths smply
suggests that a lot of financial investment
s requred when startng a new busness. Whle ths statement may hold true n
many cases, re are some busnesses whch do not need a lot of money to start.
n fact, re are dozens of neensve ways n whch an entrepreneur can proft
from r own deas. key to succeedng s to turn a unque dea, skll, or
talent nto a proftable establshment. But rar than mmedately leavng
comfort and stablty of one’s current job, entrepreneur should frst try out
new busness proposal n order to properly evaluate t.

What t takes
Just about everyone can start a busness from r unque deas; however, se
concepts wll only work f ndvdual s enthusastc and commtted to new
venture. prospectve entrepreneur cannot smply eect success to happen mmedately.
nstead, y must be very realstc n r approach and understand that a new
busness requres ned tme and effort for ts preparaton.

Pet servces as a popular part-tme busness
Some of more common part-tme new businesses that have been found to be a proven
success nclude pet servces. Ths partcular ndustry can nclude anythng from
pet walkng to pet sttng to pet groomng. Snce pets are consdered to be a beloved
famly member n many households, many famles wll pay a good amount of money
to make sure r pet gets properly pampered. n addton, owners who work -tme
or travel often wll usually enjoy fact r pet can be cared for when y
are not at home. Ths s exactly why pet servces are one of fas growng
markets today.

Surprsngly enough, one of new and popular busness deas among pet servces
s establshment of pet-frendly restaurants. Just as socety s becomng more
health conscous and enjoyng eatng hgh qualty food, pets, too, are able to enjoy
same luxury when r owners dne out. n fact, ths pet food craze s also
beng segregated nto organc, local, and raw foods.

Anor new business idea
centered on pets s desgner pet clothng and accessores. Jackets, sweaters, jewelry,
and eyewear are just some examples of ths new trend. n fact, plenty of hgh and
low end clothng s have already begun to cash n on pet craze by creatng
a vast amount of unque lnes of pet clothng and accessores. One major advantage
of havng a pet servce busness s that t requres only a small amount of business
. Most entrepreneurs can certanly fnd captal resources requred to
start ths new busness from famly and frends.

Home servces
Home servces are anor leadng busness that s neensve to start and can
become qute proftable. t can ental anythng from provdng weekly housekeepng
servces to outdoor landscapng of resdental property to house sttng when home
owners are out of town. t can also nclude snow shovelng of drveways and sdewalks
durng wnter tme. As wth pet servces, provdng home servces to those
n need can be qute lucratve once a sold clentele s establshed and customers
spread good ntentons by word of mouth. n addton, one must be extremely organzed.

Feng Shu
Feng Shu s tradtonal Chnese practce of achevng atmospherc harmony.
One can acheve such balance by arrangng objectsfurnture n one’s surroundngs.
Beleve t or not, Feng Shu has become a very popular busness practce n recent
. As nterest n Feng Shu grows, re have been plenty of Feng Shu s
that offer some consultatons. n fact, many entrepreneurs have taken to Feng Shu
consultng as a second job. As wth pet and home servce ndustry, advantage
of ths new busness s that t requres a small amount of busness captal to start.

Feng Shu consultants can charge between $235 and $1,000 for a two-hour consultaton,
dependng on sze of a property. Some businesses wll even pay upwards of $25,000
for large-scale projects. Feld certfcaton costs start at around $3,500 and nclude
class tme, mentorng, and feld tranng.

Workplace desgn
Anor business idea that has become ncreasngly popular among new busness owners
s workplace desgn. t bascally entals creatng cost-effectve, ergonomc workng
envronments n order to mprove productvty n workforce. Many employers
wll agree re s a strong postve assocaton between success of a company
and ts workplace desgn; refore, y are wllng to n money nto workplace
organzaton, technology, and desgn n order to maxmze offce productvty. Whle
workplace desgn may be a lucratve busness, nfrastructure as well as
captal resources requred to set up ths new busness can be ntense.

Blog marketng
nternet has become an mportant marketng tool for both small and large busnesses.
One way n whch a prospectve entrepreneur can advertse r products and servces
s through blog marketng. By featurng daly and weekly posts and allowng bloggers
to comment on market products, entrepreneur can easly connect wth customers
and even nence sale of or products avalable through customer revews.
One postve characterstc of usng nternet as a marketng tool s that t
can greatly ad n ncreasng awareness of anythng that gets posted. re
are also webstes that can easly connect entrepreneurs wth advertsers. refore,
many busnesses use nternet as a leverage to promote r servces.

nternet artcle wrtng
Or than blog marketng to promote a busness, re s also nternet artcle
wrtng, anor effectve means n whch people can advertse r products and
servces. As wth blog marketng, nternet artcle wrtng can certanly ncrease
vsualzaton of one’s webste. By usng anchor texts and provdng lnks drectly
to one’s webpage, companes can ncrease customer vsts and create a frendly envronment
for customers to nteract. Feedback s an esal component to both blog marketng
and nternet artcle wrtng, and by allowng customers to comment on products and
new deas, business owner can fne-tune r exstng products and develop
better deas for future servces.

re are many business ideas that do not requre too much captal and may often
requre resources that are readly avalable n your own home. For example, pet
servces, ncludng pet walkng, sttng, and groomng takes knowledge of pet behavor,
tme, patence, and even a few groomng tools. Home servces, ncludng house cleanng
and landscapng, s anor cost effectve means to start a busness, where
busness owner only needs landscapng tools andor house cleaners. Feng Shu and
workplace desgn are also very popular new business trends whereby desgner knowledge
and skll can come n very handy. Lastly, blog marketng and nternet artcle wrtng
are cost effectve means for busnesses to promote r webste andor products
and servces.


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