Many people truly believe the saying: “It takes money to make money.” This simply
suggests that a lot of financial investment
is required when starting a new business. While this statement may hold true in
many cases, there are some businesses which do not need a lot of money to start.
In fact, there are dozens of inexpensive ways in which an entrepreneur can profit
from their own ideas. The key to succeeding is to turn a unique idea, skill, or
talent into a profitable establishment. But rather than immediately leaving the
comfort and stability of one’s current job, the entrepreneur should first try out
the new business proposal in order to properly evaluate it.

What it takes
Just about everyone can start a business from their unique ideas; however, these
concepts will only work if the individual is enthusiastic and committed to the new
venture. The prospective entrepreneur cannot simply expect success to happen immediately.
Instead, they must be very realistic in their approach and understand that a new
business requires invested time and effort for its preparation.

Pet services as a popular part-time business
Some of the more common part-time new businesses that have been found to be a proven
success include pet services. This particular industry can include anything from
pet walking to pet sitting to pet grooming. Since pets are considered to be a beloved
family member in many households, many families will pay a good amount of money
to make sure their pet gets properly pampered. In addition, owners who work full-time
or travel often will usually enjoy the fact their pet can be cared for when they
are not at home. This is exactly why pet services are one of the fastest growing
markets today.

Surprisingly enough, one of the new and popular business ideas among pet services
is the establishment of pet-friendly restaurants. Just as society is becoming more
health conscious and enjoying eating high quality food, pets, too, are able to enjoy
the same luxury when their owners dine out. In fact, this pet food craze is also
being segregated into organic, local, and raw foods.

Another new business idea
centered on pets is designer pet clothing and accessories. Jackets, sweaters, jewelry,
and eyewear are just some examples of this new trend. In fact, plenty of high and
low end clothing stores have already begun to cash in on the pet craze by creating
a vast amount of unique lines of pet clothing and accessories. One major advantage
of having a pet service business is that it requires only a small amount of business
. Most entrepreneurs can certainly find the capital resources required to
start this new business from family and friends.

Home services
Home services are another leading business that is inexpensive to start and can
become quite profitable. It can entail anything from providing weekly housekeeping
services to outdoor landscaping of residential property to house sitting when home
owners are out of town. It can also include snow shoveling of driveways and sidewalks
during the winter time. As with the pet services, providing home services to those
in need can be quite lucrative once a solid clientele is established and the customers
spread good intentions by word of mouth. In addition, one must be extremely organized.

Feng Shui
Feng Shui is the traditional Chinese practice of achieving atmospheric harmony.
One can achieve such balance by arranging objects/furniture in one’s surroundings.
Believe it or not, Feng Shui has become a very popular business practice in recent
years. As interest in Feng Shui grows, there have been plenty of Feng Shui stores
that offer some consultations. In fact, many entrepreneurs have taken to Feng Shui
consulting as a second job. As with the pet and home service industry, the advantage
of this new business is that it requires a small amount of business capital to start.

Feng Shui consultants can charge between $235 and $1,000 for a two-hour consultation,
depending on the size of a property. Some businesses will even pay upwards of $25,000
for large-scale projects. Field certification costs start at around $3,500 and include
class time, mentoring, and field training.

Workplace design
Another business idea that has become increasingly popular among new business owners
is workplace design. It basically entails creating cost-effective, ergonomic working
environments in order to improve the productivity in the workforce. Many employers
will agree there is a strong positive association between the success of a company
and its workplace design; therefore, they are willing to invest money into workplace
organization, technology, and design in order to maximize office productivity. While
workplace design may be a lucrative business, the infrastructure as well as the
capital resources required to set up this new business can be intense.

Blog marketing
The Internet has become an important marketing tool for both small and large businesses.
One way in which a prospective entrepreneur can advertise their products and services
is through blog marketing. By featuring daily and weekly posts and allowing bloggers
to comment on market products, the entrepreneur can easily connect with customers
and even influence the sale of other products available through customer reviews.
One positive characteristic of using the Internet as a marketing tool is that it
can greatly aid in increasing the awareness of anything that gets posted. There
are also websites that can easily connect entrepreneurs with advertisers. Therefore,
many businesses use the Internet as a leverage to promote their services.

Internet article writing
Other than blog marketing to promote a business, there is also Internet article
writing, another effective means in which people can advertise their products and
services. As with blog marketing, Internet article writing can certainly increase
the visualization of one’s website. By using anchor texts and providing links directly
to one’s webpage, companies can increase customer visits and create a friendly environment
for customers to interact. Feedback is an essential component to both blog marketing
and Internet article writing, and by allowing customers to comment on products and
new ideas, the business owner can fine-tune their existing products and develop
better ideas for future services.

There are many business ideas that do not require too much capital and may often
require resources that are readily available in your own home. For example, pet
services, including pet walking, sitting, and grooming takes knowledge of pet behavior,
time, patience, and even a few grooming tools. Home services, including house cleaning
and landscaping, is another cost effective means to start a business, where the
business owner only needs landscaping tools and/or house cleaners. Feng Shui and
workplace design are also very popular new business trends whereby designer knowledge
and skill can come in very handy. Lastly, blog marketing and Internet article writing
are cost effective means for businesses to promote their website and/or products
and services.