Nasopharyngeal cancer

Nasopharyngeal cancer

Nasopharyngeal cancer is a cancer that begins in the part of your throat called the nasopharynx.

Read about the symptoms of nasopharyngeal cancer, and when you should see your GP.

Find out what to expect when you see your GP, when you might see a specialist and which tests you might have.

The type of nasopharyngeal cancer means the type of cell the cancer started in. Knowing this helps your doctor decide which treatment you need.

Get information about the TNM and number staging systems for nasopharyngeal cancer.

Read about which treatments are used to treat nasopharyngeal cancer and how you have them.

Read about the latest research in nasopharyngeal cancer and how you can take part in a clinical trial.

A lot of practical and emotional support is available to you. Read advice on living with nasopharyngeal cancer and find further resources and support.

Find out what can increase the risk of developing nasopharyngeal cancer.

Read about survival for nasopharyngeal cancer. Survival depends on many factors so you can only use these figures as a guide.

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Nasopharyngeal cancer

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