My wife has Stage 4 breast cancer and I am broken

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2 posts since

11 Sep 2021

I don’t know how to express my feelings, my wife of 35 years has been diagnosed withstage 4 metastatic  terminal breast cancer. She is my best friend my soulmate my lover etc etc, we have 2fantastic grown up children and 2 grandchildren soon to be three. I feel so sad, we have little idea as to how long we have together. Chemotherapy has started along with immunotherapy, yet we are aware this is a delaying tactic…. after one cycle she feels so ill I question benefit. I need to remain strong for her and our friends and family…. but she is my life and I am finding it tough.

17 posts since

9 Sep 2021

I’m so sorry I lost my wife last week we had been together 35 years she was my world I won’t repeat everything but if you read my post “My Beautiful Wife” you’ll see your not alone not that that’s any comfort but if you want to chat or get things off your chest get in touch. Spend and cherish any time you can together and never give up hope

2 posts since

11 Sep 2021

Hi Gary,

Thank you for taking time to reply, I have read your post “My beautiful wife”. I feel so much empathy with you… I don’t know how I will manage, but manage I must. 

My wife has Stage 4 breast cancer and I am broken

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