My dads just been diagnosed with terminal prostate ncer

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3 posts since

28 Jan 2016

HI Everyone

So as the title says my dad’s just been diagnosed with terminal prostate ncer and i am at a point where i just dont know what to do or what to expect.

They had the prostate out but it has spread to his lymphatic system, it is very aggressive and they didnt like to say but they lead us to believe that he has a year or two if he’s lucky. (what’s lucky in this situation?!)

So obviously we are trying to be as positive as possible and planning to do as much as he n before it gets worse but how long do we have!?

How will he get worse, will he be able to travel, will he be in pain? i just dont know what to expect.

We are doing the mino way in March if he is still up to it and my god do i hope he is.

I nnot be my dad is going to die, it hasn’t quite sunk in yet and i am s of when it does.

If anyone has any experience that they could share with me i would reciate it.

Thank you in advance.

Kindest regards


9686 posts since

25 May 2012

Hi Lindsey,

I am so sorry to read about your dad. At the tail end of last year, I lost my father who d in nada and my brother in law who d in this country (England) I would just like to say the time they have estmated for your dad is only an estimate and could go either way. Are they giving any trment to your dad?

Both of my relatives got weaker and weaker until at the last they were confined to their beds and eventually ended up in s. With modern drugs, he should be pain free but it nt be garanteed.

I consider myself very lucky for I was diagnosed with prostate ncer over six years ago but beuse my wife made me go to the doctors mine was ught in time and I have made a good recovery luckily.

Take re and make as y hy memories as you n bearing in mind the situation. Sending kind thoughts and best wishes to you and your dad, Brian.

252 posts since

22 Dec 2015

Hi there, I’m sorry to hear about your dad. Personally I’d pay no attention to the estimated time left, like Brian said it n go either way. I got told people with my dads ncer, 50% are a in 8 months, that was bad enough!!! He died 3 days later What I learnt was that we are all , we don’t know when, some sooner rather than later, do things that make you hy today, don’t put things off. Life changes in the blink of an eye. Look after your dad and cre lots of memories, take lots of photos and too.

3 posts since

28 Jan 2016

My dad is refusing trment as he wants what ever time he has left to be filled with memories rather than memories of the hospital, he wants to make the best of any time he has left (which i n understand).

I just would like to make palns with him but i have no idea how much time i have left!

I just nt quite believe that he is going to die, i just wish i knew what to expect x

Thanks for your kind words Brian x

3 posts since

28 Jan 2016

Thank you Michelle, my dad wants to finsh the mino walk around spain, (a trip he had to cut short last year) so i will be doing the last two weeks with him. i want to know my dad as a rather than a father, and i believe this trip will be good for us both.

As you say i want to make as y lovely memories as possible which i n remember forever.

I am sorry for your loss and i thank you for your kind words x

1 posts since

15 Jun 2021

I know 87year old who got proste ncer he got fluid on stomick and leg lungs he have problems go toilet been on laxitives and he start hear noise in head got rattle on lungs I look after him 38year it hard see him suffer

242 posts since

28 Jul 2020

Hi LindseyL,

I don’t know what is going on in the world at the mo. But the world and his wife (or husband) seems to be getting a ncer diagnosis! Six people in our road alone in the last 8 month- my husband one of them, diagnosed last August with Oesophageal. Post trment dare is say..”. for now.

This is the absolute worst part, the utter shock of diagnosis and the masses of info and ointments.

Someone said earlier that they don’t really give you ‘time’- they don’t and won’t there are a couple of people on here who have been palliative for years. My old Nana was 95 when she got her diagnosis- decided she didn’t want trment at all, popped off 3 days later in an opiate haze ( her choice). Someone I know was diagnosed with breast ncer 20 yrs ago, spread to her bones etc and is still here. So it really is an unknown.

I have to say I really ‘admire’ your Dads decision. ‘Brave’guy. You must be beside yourself though.

Making memories is absolutely the thing to do, enjoying him and the time you spend together.

Best Wishes


My dads just been diagnosed with terminal prostate ncer


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