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1 posts since

7 Dec 2019

Hi everyone! 

My name is Sharon and i am 44 years old.

My Mum is 68 years old, has such a kind, loving nature about here. She had open heart surgery then a stroke 2 years ago then this;

My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and had the lump removed in October 2019 plus 2 lymph nodes. We thought that was the end of it and she would start Radiotherapy then get better. 

The Consultant rang back to tell her she has cancer in the Lymph nodes they removed and wanted to do other scans. Two nights ago the bombshell dropped. She has breast cancer in all her bones, the brain and the  lymph nodes in her shoulders, we have been told maybe she will have 3 years but depends as they have found a lump in her spleen, that they are going to do a pet scan and bones density scan. If it is in her spleen she may only have a year or less. 

We are all incredibly Heartbroken.. 

Does anyone have this experience and what is the realistic time frame?? 


4689 posts since

18 Aug 2017

Hi there and  welcome …

You’ve had devistating news … we never want to loose a mum, and I think it’s the second hardest thing we go through in life… second only to loosing a child …

I was 36 when I lost my mum suddenly from a heart attack and I had no chance to even tell her I was so proud to be her daughter and say I loved her one more time … what I’d have given for just one day or even one hour… 

You’ve got that chance I never had… you still have time to make memories that will last a life time .. find out about her life .. lots of hugs .. share tears … admit your all scared .. leave nothing unsaid …. listen to what your mum wants though it may be hard to hear .. 

Now I’m a mum with cancer… sinse my masectomy,  I’ve lived every day .. I don’t look ahead … l try to make as many wonderful memories as I can for my granddaughter and close family … I wake up and open my eyes .. and say yep still here .. and make sure I smile at something every day .. l look at life differently now .. every day is a bonus .. if you look at it differently, you will not waste a day thinking of tomorrow… coz at the end of the day, no one , cancer or healthy knows if we have tomorrow …

Sending you a vertual hug… Chrissie ❤ 

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