Last Updated: Jul 26, 2016
Having multiple streams of from your business can help boost your profits and cushion against losses during slow seasons. Here are several ways you may be able to add additional streams to your business.

You have your business, and it’s ing well. Something inside you is pulling you to something else, though. It’s not that you want to start a second business, you just want to more with the business you have now. Multiple streams of will give you that something more you’re seeking. Not only will it be in the same industry as you are already in, but it can significantly inease your .

Teach an Online Class

This is a great way to position yourself as an authority in your industry. Hold classes that have to with the products and/or seices you sell. You can use a site such as Udemy to run your class or advertise it on your site and hold the class via phone, email, or Skype.

You make money by charging people to take your class. You can offer learning materials such as cuments, videos, and audio files. People love valuable content, and they will pay for it.

Starting this alternate stream of can be cumbersome in the beginning as you get the platform and materials together. However, once it is set, you won’t have to much every time you hold the class.

Write an e

Many businesses choose to offer additional content than what’s on their site to make extra money. When you write an e, you can sell it on your site, Amazon, or other sites people browse for electronic reading materials.

You make money off every e you sell. If you sell it on your site, you will receive 100% of the price. If you use Amazon or another site, you will have to give them a cut of the price of the . Usually, people find this to be worth it since sites selling es have a lot more traffic, so there’s more opportunity for them to sell. 

This is another option that takes a lot of in the beginning, but once it’s ne, you n’t have to anything else. Many people this as their main business, but it’s able as a side one that goes right along with your current business. The benefit is that your e will likely interest people who would be interested in your seices and/or products, which could end up ineasing your revenue in that way as well.

Sell Products/Seices Related to Your Current Business

Many people expand their business by offering more. Let’s say you are currently selling seices for your salon on your site. You’ve received a lot of business from it, so you decide to offer the care products you have in your salon. Now, you not only earn money from new clients who find your site and choose to come see you, but you also make money from the sales of the products.

Think about what you could sell in addition to your products or seices. If you’re already selling products, think of seices you may be able to offer people. It esn’t have to be seices offered offline. Get eative and think of seices you can offer online, and you’ll really be busy with making extra as everyone turns to you for not only your products, but also the help you provide.

Affiliate Marketing

If you not want to offer additional products or seices, you can become an affiliate. Affiliate marketing involves taking products or seices people sell and market it for them. You receive a commission when they receive a sale from your marketing.

Many sites exist to help you become a successful affiliate marketer. The following are the most common ones that have products and seices for you to sell and earn commission.

You can also browse sites with products and seices your audience would like, and then see if the owners have an affiliate program. If they n’t, contact the owner to ask. Many people are more than happy to offer a commission for any sales you bring their way.

There’s so much more you can with your business. When you’re ready, go ahead and get started on an alternate stream of . You can as many as you have time for, which means your potential is limitless. 

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