Motivation in the Workplace

Written by promotiondept

November 11, 2018

n the Workplace

Employee n the workplace has a strong nfluence on project results.

A project team
that s hghly motvated to accomplsh the goals of the project s not only much more lkely to reach those goals,
but wll also have fewer ssues and along the way.

As a project r, t s mportant to realze that there are two key dstnctons between project team
and general employee n the organzaton.

The frst dstncton to consder s the ntal of the project team members.  We’ll look at the leadershp style you should use for project team .

The second dstncton to consder s the project envronment that your team members work n.  We’ll look at how you can create a postve project envronment even f the overall work envronment s negatve.

Understandng these dfferences wll help you
focus on the employee technques and theores that are
most effectve for project teams.

The frst dstncton to realze s that when a project starts, most of the team members are already motvated
to perform well.

The reason for ths s that when most people begn a new job, or n ths case project, they are
enthusastc, er to work and want to contrbute.

The project r should not be tryng to motvate the team, but should be workng to
mantan each team member’s .

One way to do ths s to use a partcpatve leadershp style.

By makng sure the team s nvolved n project plannng and decsons, mplementng ther deas, and celebratng team
achevements they wll stay engd and motvated.

The second dstncton to realze s that t s possble to have a postve project envronment even when
the overall organzatonal envronment s negatve.

The project r can create a subculture wthn the organzaton where he can
motvate the project team despte any negatve organzatonal clmate.

To do ths, t s mportant that the
project r communcate clearly at the begnnng of the project.

Specal emphs should be placed on
gettng top ment support, establshng an agreed project scope wth key stakeholders, and nvolvng
the project team as early as possble.

By mantanng the ntal s that the team member’s brng nto the project and creatng a
postve project envronment
, the project r can keep a hgh of n the workplace that wll
lead to hgh perforce of the project team.

You can fnd more artcles about the mportance of n project ment below.

Employee Motivation Techniques and Strategies for Project Managers

whch employee technques and strateges can help you motvate your team effectvely n a project envronment. Elmnate the 3 key factors that most often decrease team .

Maslow Theory of Motivation: Applying Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to Project Management

how to use the Maslow Theory of to make your projects successful. nfluence your team’s behavor wth employee technques that use Maslow’s Herarchy of Needs as a gude.

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