Money matters

Cancer might affect your personal finances, such as your mortgage, pension, credit cards and insurance. Make sure you have the information you need.

It’s important to get the right financial advice if you have cancer or have had it in the past. You could think about using an authorised financial adviser.

Whether you already have a mortgage or are looking for the best deal, you need to know how cancer might affect your arrangements.

It’s important to understand your pension options, including how different types of pension work and the benefits for people with cancer and their dependents.

Find out about having, or applying for, a credit card if you have cancer.

You can usually still get a loan when you have had cancer. But you might not be able to get loan payment protection.

Life insurance comes in various types. You need to check your existing policy if you are diagnosed with cancer. Or make sure that a new policy suits your needs.

There are different types of insurance for people with medical conditions. They can help if you can’t work, need care or have private medical treatment.

Having cancer could have implications for your driving licence and motor insurance. You might need to contact the DVLA and your insurance company.

Getting travel insurance when you have cancer can be difficult. But it’s important to get insurance before you travel. There are companies with special policies for people with cancer.

These organisations can give you detailed information and advice about mortgages, pensions and life insurance. You can also find an independent financial adviser.

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Money matters

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