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Efile.com makes it easy for you to e-file your state tax return (e.g resident, nonresident, or part-year resident returns). However, the IRS and the respective state tax agencies require you to e-file a federal income tax return at the same time you efile a state tax return. This is not an efile.com policy but an IRS and state agency policy. Many taxpayers have asked how they can only prepare and file a state income tax return. The efile.com tax application lets you prepare a state tax return only, however you cannot efile the state return upon completion. Instead, you will have to download the completed state tax return as a PDF file, print it, sign it, and mail it to the respective state – the address is on the PDF file. Find more detailed instructions on how to prepare and file a state only return on efile.com.

Prepare and efile these state forms for 2018 in conjunction with your federal and state income tax return. As you proceed through the tax interview on efile.com, the application will select the correct state forms for you. You can also select tax forms individually. All these forms will then be e-filed by you to the state tax agency. Instructions on how to only prepare a state income tax return.

* Due to IRS and state tax agency tax data sharing and validation requirements, you can only e-file a state income tax return while also e-filing a federal income tax return. This is not an efile.com created policy, but all online tax web sites have to adhere to this IRS/state issued tax data sharing policy. Find out how to only prepare and file a state tax return. Only on efile.com can you prepare and efile unlimited state tax returns for one low price. Most other sites charge a per state price.

If your Mississippi state return was rejected by the state and not efile.com, you will receive an error reject code. If you prepared and efiled your return on efile.com, we will provide you with an explanation of how to correct the error on your return. You may then resubmit your state return at no additional charge until it is accepted by the state. View a list of all Mississippi State efile Income Tax Return Error Reject Codes.

If you are certain that you cannot file your Mississippi return by the deadline, you do not need to file for an extension. You will automatically receive a 6-month extension of time to file your return (not to pay). The extended tax return due date is October 15, 2019. Please be aware that Mississippi will not accept the federal extension form as an extension for your Mississippi tax return. However, if you expect to owe income taxes, you should submit your payment with payment voucher Form 80-106. If you efiled your return and are making a payment by check or money order, you must complete a Form 80-106 on efile.com. If you are making a payment by credit card, a Form 80-106 is not needed. If you are making an automatic extension payment, you also must use Form 80-106 unless it is made electronically. Use efile.com and prepare a Mississippi tax return to find out what your Mississippi state income tax payment will be.

Important: Do you need to prepare and e-file an IRS or federal tax extension as well?

Amended Mississippi tax returns can only be mailed; they cannot be efiled. Learn how to file a Mississippi tax amendment.

Mississippi state tax forms for previous Tax Years cannot be prepared and e-filed during the current tax season. You will need to print, fill out, and mail the forms to the Mississippi Department of Revenue.

Mississippi state tax forms for previous Tax Years cannot be prepared and e-filed during the current tax season. You will need to print, fill out, and mail the forms to the Mississippi Department of Revenue.

Individual income is taxed across three tax brackets.

The tax brackets for single taxpayers are:

Married couples filing a combined return (for both spouses working, for example) can choose to have each spouse calculate his or her own tax liability separately, and then add the results.

Mississippi has a retail sales and use tax rate of 7%. Some jurisdictions collect additional economic development and tourism taxes.

More information on Mississippi Sales Tax

Mississippi has two annual sales tax holiday, which usually occur on the last weekend of July (midnight Friday through midnight Saturday) and the first weekend of September (first Friday through midnight the following Sunday). During these holidays, certain items are exempt from Mississippi sales tax. However, the MS consumer will only receive the tax exemption if a specific total spending limit is met.

Refer to the chart below for all Mississippi sales tax holidays for 2019. It will be updated when the dates are available. 

Taxable personal property is divided into 5 classes and is assessed at a percentage of its true value, for assessment purposes for ad valorem taxes:

Mississippi’s Head of Household filing status is dubbed “Head of Family”.

You can contact the Mississippi Department of Revenue at (601) 923-7000.

For more information on Mississippi state income taxes, you can visit the website of the Mississippi Department of Revenue.

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