MedcallAssist First Aid Kit Prescription Antibiotics

MedcallAssist First Aid Kit Prescription Antibiotics

The Ultimate Prepper's First Aid Kit

If you could build the perfect first aid kit what would you put in it?  Read below to learn how to get 10% off and several FREE additional items when you order your MedCallAssist Outfitter First Aid Kit.  Which will soon come to be known as the ultimate prepper’s first aid kit!

When I taught wilderness survival at the USAF Survival School at Fairchild AFB more than 12 years ago, one of the lessons I had to teach was a wilderness first aid class.  In that first aid class I had to teach USAF aircrew members how to treat a variety of wound types using improvised first aid items, improvised bandages, improvised splints and even some natural herbal remedies.  Though some of those techniques can be some what effective, if you don’t have anything else, I always tried to emphasize to my students the importance of  packing an individual first aid kit to include in their personal survival kit in their aircraft or on their person.  The reason I stressed the need for a first aid kit so strongly is that having the right first aid kit items on hand to prevent wounds from becoming infected is one of the most important survival priorities in my opinion.  Read here where I talk about The Most Important Piece Of Survival Gear.  Improperly and or untreated wounds or infected wounds are among the top reasons for people throughout history not being able to affect their own rescue!  Bottom line is that if you have a good well equipped first aid kit with you in a survival situation (wilderness or urban) you are much more likely to get out of that situation alive and well.  And remember that most survival situations happen precisely because of an injury or catastrophe of some sort in the first place…

All first aid kits are NOT created equal.  A good well stocked basic first aid kit should be able to perform at least three fundamental functions when you break it down to the simplest level.  First, stop blood loss.  Second, prevent infection.  Third, treat infection.  Many first aid kits on the market do an “adequate” job of stopping blood loss.  But very few first aid kits do all three really well and more!  The MedCallAssist Outfitter First Aid Kit is the only first aid kit on the market that I know of, that not only does those three things but also does much much more!

The MedCallAssist First Aid Kit is really a lot more than just a first aid kit.  It is almost hard to describe just what a great deal this kit is, but I will do my best.  The MedCallAssist First Aid Kit is actually in a class of it’s own, it is so much more than your typical store bought first aid kit.  Not only do you get a well stocked first aid kit that is equipped to deal with a wide variety of serious injuries and illnesses but you also get a wide variety of prescription strength antibiotics included with the kit to help control and or prevent infection from setting in after an injury or after being exposed to some nasty bacteria.   As if the prescription strength antibiotics doesn’t completely put this first aid kit in a class of it’s own MedCallAssist went one step further.

Telemedicine.  Thats right a full year of telemedicine comes included in the price of this kit!  So not only do you get a wide variety of prescription strength antibiotics to keep away a myriad of harmful bacteria but you can also consult a MedCallAssist physician to find out which prescriptions to use, how many to take, and what additional treatment is required.  The telemedicine physicians are experienced physicians who are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  Seriously think about how convenient it would be to have access to a physician 24/7.  Not only is it convenient but these physicians have experience in helping with backwoods and remote location injuries as well as helping to assist with ground rescue efforts! For those of us who like to get our “Dirt Time” that is a pretty comforting feeling.  Combine the MedCallAssist Outfitter’s First Aid Kit with a Satellite Telephone and you will be ready for just about anything!

The MedCallAssist First Aid Kit isn’t just for stocking up a Bug Out Location, or for use by a rugged backwoods hunter at an elk camp, or a survivalist or hiking enthusiast who is physically out of reach of a doctor’s office.  Though backwoods wilderness first aid is precisely what it was developed for The MedCallAssist First Aid Kit can also be used by the regular Joe!  Are you a prepper?  Worried about how and where to get prescription antibiotics if the SHTF?  Work a good steady job but can’t afford expensive or adequate health insurance?  Are copays for doctors office visits way to high, just to hear the doctor say “Oh just take these antibiotics and you will be fine…”  How would you like to be able to call a doctor to get some professional advice on self treatment options?  Or be able to make a quick phone call to determine if your injury is really serious enough to warrant that trip to the emergency room?  The MedCallAssist First Aid Kit comes with that capability!  A doctor that is only a phone call away.  That is very impressive in my opinion.

When it comes to your health, quality counts.  As I mentioned above many of the first aid kits on the market do an “adequate” job and often times the reason those kits are barely adequate is because they use lower quality product within the kits.  The MedCallAssist First Aid Kit comes with high quality and high tech contents.  Many of the items within this kit are the same items I have seen in military medical kits when I have deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.  MedCallAssist also builds your kit when you order it.   That means that the contents of the kit have expiration dates that are as far in the future as possible.  MedCallAssist understands that medical emergencies don’t happen every day, so they give you a kit that is equipped with fresh contents that will be able to sit on the shelf for a few years without any worry of the items expiring.

MedCallAssist First Aid Kit Contents


MedCallAssist Contents Cont.

Note: The red bag pictured above is the MedCallAssist Outfitter “Plus” Bag

For a closer detailed look at the contents of the MedCallAssist Outfitter First Aid Kit and to get some of my general impressions on the kit please watch the video below


After making the video you just watched above some of the MedCallAssist management team contacted me to see how I thought they could adjust the Outfitter Kit to be the best possible First Aid Kit for Preppers and Survivalists.  As I indicated in my video I thought that the basic Outfitter Kit could use some additional gauze and trauma wound dressings.  As it stood the Outfitter Kit was very well equipped but like any prepper I tend to think worst case scenario and I thought that if a person experienced a serious fall on a jagged rocky outcropping or had multiple gunshot wounds the kit could have been potentially light on gauze and trauma bandages.  So I asked MedCallAssist if they would consider adding some of those items to their Outfitter Kit at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.  Unbelievably they have offered to do just that exclusively for RealitySurvival.Com readers! How cool is that?  All you have to do to take advantage of this offer is to put “RealitySurvival” in as the discount code at checkout on www.MedCallAssist.Com and they will automatically add the following items to the already great kit for free:

3 – Israeli Emergency Trauma Bandages

3 – Rolls of Kerlix gauze

3 – Syringes of flushing saline

But wait that’s not all…Did I seriously just write that?  OK, yes, but for very good reason! From 1 August 2012 to 7 August 2012 MedCallAssist is also going to offer RealitySurvival.Com readers an additional 10% off the retail cost of $375.00 for the MedCallAssist Outfitter Kit.  

The other concern I expressed in my video was that I felt the Outfitter Kit as I received it was just slightly unorganized.  Now realize I was being super picky to even mention this because the M3 Medic Bag is a great bag and I could have easily reorganized the items myself, but I was trying to give an honest impression of how I felt about it when I reviewed it.  I felt there may be some value in being able to group like items in the kit together (similar to how some EMT Trauma bags are set up) to be able to more readily find certain items when an emergency arises. MedCallAssist was already working to remedy this problem and had found what in my opinion is the “Ultimate Prepper’s First Aid Kit Bag” which is built by Apocalypse Designs out of Fairbanks, AK.  I really like this bag and here is why.  First, it is brightly colored and will be easy to locate in the dust and confusion of a catastrophe or the fog of war.  Second, it is highly compartmented as you can see in the pictures above and even has four individual velcro attached pouches that can be ripped out of the kit. Just in case you just need to grab certain items and go quickly.  These pouches also offer the user the ability to customize the way they pack their kit which is great!  Third, there is plenty of extra room in the bag to customize and add survival items or additional personalized items.  Overall, I feel that this bag is a big improvement over the Tan M3Medic Bag that comes with the MedCallAssist Outfitter Kit.  The red Outfitter Plus bag is roughly the size of a large shoebox and is highly durable and very well built.  It is also flat enough that it will fit under the back seat of my pick up truck which is where it rides daily!  The cost for the upgraded Outfitter Plus bag is an additional $100.00, so it may depend on your budget but I don’t think you will be disappointed in the long run.

Some people who read quickly may scim over this article and say “What a First Aid Kit for $375.00!”.  To those people I would say go back and read again and watch the entire video because this product IS NOT just a basic First Aid Kit.  This is the Ultimate Prepper’s First Aid Kit.  To determine if you should consider purchasing one of these kits I would ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do you have a First Aid Kit that is really capable of treating a wide range of serious injuries and illnesses?

2. Can your First Aid Kit treat Anaphylactic Shock?

3. Does your First Aid Kit include top of the line fresh components?  (or is it comprised of a bunch of old Band Aids, some yellowed gauze and a few combat field dressings, and a triangle bandage that was left over from the Vietnam era?)

4. Does your First Aid Kit contain a stapler, to close major lacerations?

5. Does your First Aid Kit contain a Z Pak of 250 MG Azithromycin tablets (A retail value of over $80.00)?

6. Does your First Aid Kit contain Trimethoprim-Sulfamethoxazole to treat Traveler’s Diarrhea or a Urinary Tract Infection?

7. Does your First Aid Kit contain Cepalexin to treat various bacterial infections or pneumonia?

8. Or does your First Aid Kit contain Ciprofloxacin to prevent Anthrax or treat other bacterial infections?

9. Does your First Aid Kit contain ANY prescription strength antibiotics to deal with infections should you not be able to get to the doctors office or pharmacy for whatever reason?

10. Does your kit come with a direct line to an experienced physician who is on call 24/7 to answer any questions or to help you with any medical issues that should arise for either you or your family or an innocent bystander that your trying to help, for a full year?

If you answered NO to any or perhaps all of these questions you may want to consider purchasing a MedCallAssist Outfitter First Aid Kit. And with the free additional items and the 10% off you get by using “RealitySurvival” as the discount code at checkout then you are getting an added value of more than $60.00 if you purchase by 7 Aug 2012!  But even if you read this after 7 Aug 2012 you can still get all of those free additional items by entering “RealitySurvival” as the discount code at any time from now on.

You may be asking why is JJ so “sold” on this kit?  Is he getting a kick back or making money by pushing these for MedCallAssist?  The answer is simple NO.  I am not making any money for writing about this product.  They did send me a free kit to review and I am planning to use many of the items in the kit in future videos/posts to talk about wilderness First Aid and other things but I haven’t been paid to talk about how great this kit is.  I am writing about this kit because in reality, now that they have added the free items listed above I believe it is one of the best, if not THE best and most comprehensive first aid kit on the market today.  I think MedCallAssist understands the prepper/survivalist movement and has developed a product that specifically addresses a gap that many preppers have been wanting to address in their own prepping plans.  But sadly I fear First Aid and personal health care is an issue that is far to often overlooked by many preppers simply because there was no good answer prior to the MedCallAssist Outfitter First Aid Kit hitting the market.  I think there is little to no doubt that almost all preppers own several firearms and plenty of ammunition for each gun.  Many will also own several hundred dollar custom knives and all sorts of tactical gear.  I believe  that MedCallAssist First Aid Kits will soon become standard issue “prepping gear”.  I think by owning one of these first aid kits each and every prepper out there will truly be much more prepared to deal with a wide variety of real situations (both urban and rural, short and long term) that can and do happen in the real world.

To purchase your own MedCallAssist Outfitter Kit got to http://www.MedCallAssist.Com and be sure to enter “RealitySurvival” as the discount code at checkout!

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What an honor to see others believe in this like we do! Thank you for the thorough, objective review.
Theresa S.

Green Acres,
So if the whole world was in total chaos your probably right, they might not be answering the phones. But here is something to consider. First, most real world disasters happen to individuals (i.e. lost and injured in the woods, hurt at home in the back yard, etc) or they happen on a local level (Tornados, Fires, etc). Or on a regional level (think Katrina, massive heat waves, snow storms etc). It is highly unlikely that a single disaster can or will affect the entire USA. Second, MedCallAssist is located in Alaska, so even if there were tremendous issues spread across the lower 48 states, Alaska will likely be in much better shape and they could probably still assist via telephone as long as the phone service was up.

Jerry, Thanks. One other thing I wanted to point out was that MedCallAssist will provide refills to the prescription meds in the kit at their cost. So you won’t pay any mark up to refill the items in the kit. Thats pretty cool. Cheers JJ

Thanks. I don’t know for sure, but I have a feeling they might consider adding those items for all of the kits. We will just have to wait and see! Either way it is a really cool kit and a great service! Cheers JJ

Thank you for allowing me to review the kit and thanks for being willing and open to the idea of making some changes to the product. I think your company will do really well with this kit. Cheers JJ

Reality followers: you may be interested to know the same ER/Trauma physicians taking medcallassist dr. line calls are now posting weekly medical tips on FB! This week: “sinusitis, it turns out 85% is viral, and does not require antibiotics. Decongestants, nasal irrigation, vaporizorizer treatments and time is what heals.” More thoughts on this topic on our page…http://www.facebook.com/pages/MedCallAssist/209781542391575?ref=hl

Thanks for the info! I will be checking that out for sure!

That is an impressive kit. I was a SWAT medic in the early 90’s and I still maintain a very elaborate med kit. That said I do not have any prescription strength antibiotics to deal with infections. Great bag and a great article.

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