Maxpedition Entity 27 Backpack Review Video

The Maxpedition Entity 27 everyday carry backpack is a pack that looks very “civilian” but is made out of very heavy duty materials and is quite tactical in its capabilities! If you have not seen this new line from Maxpedition I recommend that you take a look here. This series of backpacks is designed in such a way that you can keep a low profile when you are out and about in the city but still be able to be prepared for any situation. It is designed with the “Gray Man” concept or “Gray Man Tactics” at the heart of its design parameters. And I can tell you that they have nailed it across the board!

One of the biggest factors with this new pack from Maxpedition is comfort and usability. This pack is very comfortable to wear primarily due to the Gossamer Mesh that lines the back and shoulder straps. This tear resistant material breathes very well and provides enough grip to keep it on your should but is still soft enough to be comfy. The exterior of the Entity 27 is made of 500D Kodra nylon with a polyurethane coating to keep the weather at bay. It has a full compliment of YKK Zippers that are all equipped with some awesome Positive Grip Pulls that I am a huge fan of! They make opening and closing the zippers very easy! The buckles on the pack are all Duraflex Xlite Buckles which are plenty heavy duty and easy to open and close. The webbing for the waist strap and the shoulder straps resembles what car manufactures use for seat belts. They are super smooth, very strong and comfortable. Additionally I really like that it has a separate Weapon Compartment and a security lockout strip so you can customize the size and shape of the compartment and keep it accessible from only one side if you desire. See more about this in the video below. Last but not least one of the best aspects of the Entity 27 backpack is that it has several outside pockets and numerous inside pockets to enhance your ability to organize all of your gear.

The negatives for this backpack are very few. For me the primary downside is that it currently only comes in gray. I think it would be if they offered it in a few other subbed colors such as tan and olive drab. The only other potential downside which was not really an issue for me personally is that some folks might like to see the packs in this series offered in a larger size or two. The Maxpedition Entity 27 was plenty big enough for me to carry all of my everyday carry gear (see the video below for the contents) but some people may like to have a little more storage room. An Entity 30 and even 35 would round out the selection nicely in my opinion.

Maxpedition also offers a full line of accessory pouches for cell phones, extra magazines or just general utility pouches as well. Each shoulder strap has a couple of lines of pals webbing for mounting pouches adn accessories or you can mount them to the large velcro field inside of the main pocket flap.

Overall the Maxpedition Entity 27 is a really sweet ass everyday carry back pack and I believe it meets all of my needs for an everyday carry / get home bag for my line of work. Your mileage may vary but for me I have been very please with it! Checkout my full review of this pack and what I carry in it everyday in the video below!

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It seems like a nice backpack for hikers and all who loves outdoor activity.

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Maxpedition Entity 27 Backpack Review Video

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