Master Your Business-Domain, Constructing the Customer Experience

This column is about utilizing Five Pillars of Business Growth to achieve your business dream of market domination.  As you may recall, Five Pillars of Business Success are: 1) Customers Experice, ) Make a Profit, 3) Own a Business – not a job, 4) Manage Systems, Lead People, and 5) Make Time for Business of Business. 

In our last column, What You’re Really Selling: Customer Experice, we introduced First Pillar of Business Success and posed following question:  If most customers have a variety of options to fill need your product or service meets.  If so, why should y choose your business over every or alternative?  answer: Wh re are many options available to customers, your product or service merely gets you on field of competition.  On this field of many options tipping point that makes a customer choose your business over all ors is no longer product or service itself.  It is EXPERICE of that product or service from YOUR business.  In today’s column I will share some steps you can take to maximize each customer’s experice so you can win new and turn existing customers into your biggest fan.

Step One: Develop a LivetoServe Mindset:  This step forms landing on which remaining steps are built.  Embrace fact that longterm business success in business is based on two key principals: First is what I call Karma of Giving.  Wh someone freely chooses to patronize your business your business an intangible exchange of liferiching value occurs.  y chose you because you, in some way, made ir lives better than it was before.  Second is Business Gold Rule which simply states: “ ors as you would absolutely love to be ed yourself.”  heart and business is relationships – fridships nurtured and cultivated by way we our customers and community.  Mediocre businesses “get customers.”  Great businesses create longlasting fridships.  Wh you make Karma of Giving and Business Gold Rule core value of your business you have developed LivetoServe thinking.

Step Two: Take Positive Point Challge:  Creating a positive Customer Experice is not a random evt.  It involves inttional crafting of every interaction you and your business has with public and your customers.  Once created and established, Customer Experice is maintained through systems (Pillar Four).  Positive Point Challge is simple test that will help evaluate and maximize your customer’s experice.  It is loosely based on subtle psychology of how positive and negative “impressions” work to define an overall experice as positive verses negative.  In short unpleasant and impersonal interactions (negative) are far more powerful than those that are pleasant and personal.  Every negative ‘impression” required at least three positive “impressions” to get you back to zero. 

Here’s how you do it.  If you have an office or retail space start outside and pretd you are a pottial customer.  Is parking easy and convit?  n give your business 1 point.  If not, subtract 3 points.  Is area around your business clean, pleasant, and decorated in a manner that positively reinforces your business image?  If yes, give yourself 1 point.  If not, subtract 3.  Now walk to into your retail space.  Does it take less than one minute?  Yes = 1, No = 3.  As you ter do you counter a meaningful and pleasant greeting?  Yes = 1, No = 3.  If phone rings, does ring more than twice before being answered? Yes = 1, No = 3.  Is person who answered phone hy and thusiastic?  If caller is put on hold is it for less than 30 seconds? 

Get idea?  ly this point system to every possible interaction with each and every customer in each departt of your business.  If your score is negative, you’re in trouble and need to make some serious changes.  If you’re merely breaking ev, you have work to do.  If, however, your score is 10 or higher customer work – congratulations – Now you challge is to create and maintain systems that will keep it re. 

This article has introduces some steps you can take to maximize your customer’s experice.  In our next column we will discuss seemingly obviously, yet seldom followed, Second Pillar of Business Growth:  Make a Profit.

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