Make technology, not talent, your first priority

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November 12, 2018

Make technology, not talent, your ft priority

I’ve spent my entire career trying to wake firm leaders up to the importance of talent strategies. For the past decade, I’ve campaign on behalf of the next generation, seeking to persuade establish leaders to build firms that next gen talent want to somay own. After all, talent has been—to me, at least—the ultimate strategic enabler. If you have bright, passionate people in place, you can address any market trend, respond to any client shift, and exce the expeations of others. If you had ask me even six months ago, I would say that, strategically, talent trumps all.

But now, I feel compell to change my tune and issue a warning, too. Because I truly believe that you must place technology at the top of your strategic initiatives list for 2017–18 (at least). If you don’t, then all of the brilliant talent strategies in the world won’t sustain you. How come? In this article, we’ll explore five reasons that technology has become an even higher strategic priority than talent and five ways to address that paradigm.

Technology is of the utmost importance because:

So, with the mounting pressure to quickly elevate technology to a core strategy, here are five praical ways to get more in the IT game now:

I grew up in technology and was just ing out when the personal computer transform business. Since then, technology has progress, but it hasn’t seem as big or impaful as it is now. Technology is going to change just about everything about the way we transa our business, produce our deliverables, and maintain our relationships. And it’s hening fast. If technology isn’t at the very top of your firm’s priority list, please reprioritize or losing it all.  

Jennifer Wilson is a partner and cofounder of ConvergenceCching LLC, a leadership and consulting and cching firm that helps leaders achieve success. Learn more about the company and its services at



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