was nstallng Magento on one of my commercal stes just to try t out and ran nto ths nstallaton problem:

The error message explans tself: there s a base connecton ssue and t’s probably beuse ether your username and / or password don’t match or your account doesn’t have the prvlege for ths executon.

My queston was exactly about that, too. “ does t try to access MySQL base usng the ‘root’ account? ”

’m usng shared hostng sece from HostGator for ths ste, and don’t have the root access to any of my MySQL bases. For example, my username for a DB would look lke “z_magento”, ‘root’. Ths s a common se when you don’t have a dedted seer.

Somethng must’ve been messed up durng my nstallaton process beuse couldn’t smply beleve that they would’ve set the root account as default DB access for the nstallaton.

So where s the fle that has ths ncorrect DB access confguraton?

After spendng over 30 mnutes, found ths fle that contans the base access nformaton.

t’s an XML fle, .xml’ under ‘/app/etc/’.

Change the username, password and dbname approprately.

After a couple of days later, fgured out had ths problem. had nstalled the software ly on my Wndows usng the root account for MySQL before dd on my seer. uploaded the fles from that drectory where t was confgured to use the root account n ‘.xml’.

When checked the fles freshly upzpped from the nstallaton fle, found t doesn’t have the fle ‘.xml’.

By AbdulHakim Maina, February 2, 2010 @ 3:52 pm

Thanks mate! You really saved me a lot of bother tryng to db connecton settngs.


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