Lump on neck

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2 posts since

10 Jul 2019

Hi all,

Been lurking for a week or two and thought I’d post.

I’ve had a lump on the side of my neck (just behind/below my ear) for about 4-5 months now, seems to be growing slowly.  It’s a hard, fixed lump so is really different from how my lymph nodes normally swell up.  No B symptoms though.

I eventually got to see my GP yesterday after a month of waiting.  He had a feel of my neck, asked if I have any family history of lymphoma and then referred me for blood tests and an ultrasound.

Blood tests are full blood count, C-reactive protein and urea and electrolytes.  Also TSH but I think that’s routine as I have an underactive thyroid.

He said he’s delaying the tests and scan for a month because if the lump is anything sinister, it will show up better the longer its left?  I found that a really odd thing to say, especially as he knows I first noticed it in February.

I’m not looking for a diagnosis as I know you won’t be able to provide that, I was just wondering if anyone else has had a doctor delay tests for this reason?  


Thanks for reading my essay!


1 posts since

10 Jul 2019

Hi Louise

ive not posted before either but am also lurking, as you put it, as I look for answers for my dad who is suffering greatly due to this horrific disease. 

I’m clearly no expert but logic tells me that what your GP said is ridiculous! I would 100% get a second opinion and demand a scan. GP’s get things wrong all the time. And if you’re worried, go with your instinct. It could save your life. 

My dad was let down by gp’s and specialists alike who gave wrong advice and he is now incurable and truly suffering. 

Make an urgent appointment tomorrow. 

2 posts since

10 Jul 2019

Hi Indigo,

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

I’m sorry to hear about your dad, that must be awful Sad


In my situation I think a few things are holding me back.  Firstly, this GP is the best one at my surgery – the others have all let me down before.  Second, an ultrasound referral normally takes a few months to come through so I’m not sure waiting a month will be too bad – it takes a month for me to even be seen by a GP after booking an appointment.

And lastly, I feel okay at the moment and know it’s unlikely to be cancer, I feel like if I push for a second opinion and get an urgent referral, my anxiety will go through the roof.

It’s hard to explain because I didn’t really agree with what my GP said, and I really want to know my results as soon as possible, but I dont want to worry myself and also dont want to feel stupid if it turns out to be nothing.

I know, I overthink everything!


14 posts since

3 Nov 2019

Hi Louise

did you ever resolve your lump – is it still there?

leanne x

Lump on neck

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