Low Grade Follicular Cell Lymphoma

Low Grade Follicular Cell Lymphoma


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* To protect your identity do not use your full name.

2 posts since

7 Mar 2019

Hi all! 

I’m new to this forum so hoping I’ve posted in the right place

Last year my Grandma was diagnosed with Grade 3 Large B Cell Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, after finding a large lump in her groin. 

She had several months of RCHOP chemotherapy, followed by Radiotherapy and entered remission at the end of 2018 when her PET scan in November  showed cancer in her stomach and above her diaphragm (but were too small to take biopsies).

However, a PET scan in January, followed by a biopsy has confirmed she has Low grade Follicular cell lymphoma and she’s due to start RDGP chemo next week, followed by LEAN chemo and finally a stem cell transplant (providing she reacts well to chemo). 

The consultant explained that this type of lymphoma isn’t cureable and though usually it grows slowly, hers is growing very quickly, hence the intensive treatment they will give her. 

She’s 73 this year and hasn’t had any symptoms since the initial swelling and is quite fit and healthy otherwise. 

I asked the consultant what the outlook is, as during the initial diagnosis we were given a survival rate, but he wouldn’t give us an indication this time. 

Does anybody know this information? Should we prepare for the worst or is there a positive outlook with this type of cancer? 

She brought me up and is more like a Mum to me, so I’m in a state of panic and confusion at the minute! 

Also, the chemo nurse explained the chemo could make her really poorly this time and she lives alone (though ten minutes down the road from me), so would it be sensible to have a family member live with her during the treatment? 

Sorry for so many questions xx

2466 posts since

11 Oct 2010

Hello Bumble19, 

Thank you for sharing your grandma’s story. Your poor grandma she seems to have been through a lot in recent months. We do have some information on our website on low grade follicular lymphoma which you can find here

It sounds like the consultant was unable to tell you more about the outlook – this is because there is often an element of unpredictability as to how things might develop and it might also depend on how your grandma will respond to treatment. I hope the chemotherapy and stem cell transplant are a success and that she reacts well to it. 

I hope you will hear from some of our members soon who may have been in a similar situation and will be able to advise you for example on whether it would be sensible for a family member to stay with her during the treatment. It certainly seems like a good idea that someone does keep an eye on her and makes sure she is ok. 

Perhaps you could give our lovely nurses a call and talk things through with them? You can ring them on this free number 0808 800 4040 Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. 

Wishing your grandma the best of luck for the start of her treatment.

Best wishes, 

Lucie, Cancer Chat Moderator

0808 800 4040

Low Grade Follicular Cell Lymphoma

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