Lost my dad

Lost my dad

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* To protect your identity do not use your full name.

4 posts since

9 Apr 2019

I have just lost my dad to oesophageal cancer only 2 weeks after diagnosis and am struggling with the loss of him so quickly and cruelly i have all sorts of emotions and thoughts running through my head and wondering if anyone who has been through a similar experience would be interested in talking 

524 posts since

3 May 2018

Hi steave youve come to the right place sorry about your dad .dont worry your emotions will be all over the place is it going round and round in your head ?? Paul 

64 posts since

14 Mar 2019

Sorry for your sudden Loss Steve. Very difficult to process . Just take your time . X 

11 posts since

16 Mar 2019

Hi Steve im so sorry to hear about the loss of your dad especially so soon after diagnosis. I lost my dad just over 3 weeks ago so whilst I can’t offer any advice on how to get through this i do kmow the pain you are feeling right now. Look after yourself and try to take one day at a time xx

4 posts since

9 Apr 2019

Hi Paul thanks for the reply, yes everything is going around in my head constantly it’s alright through the day atm as i have so much to organise with the funeral etc. But I just miss my dad so much and can’t believe he is gone for good the last fortnight seems like I’ve been in a bad dream and i keep wanting to wake up from it. 

4 posts since

9 Apr 2019

Thank you Ginpo. I’m trying to take it one step at a time but i just miss him terribly and really worry about my mum 

4 posts since

9 Apr 2019

Thank you very much for your reply, and so sorry about your dad. It’s overwhelming I’m not usually an emotional person but losing my dad especially so quickly and horribly is tearing me up. I hope you are managing better than me with your loss

524 posts since

3 May 2018

Hi yes we all feel that way .it blinking horrid its disbeleif and shock but dont worry your not going mad although it feels that way . Theres cruz bereavment line there numbers on the web after funeral give them a ring they will chat to you and give advice open during day . Theres mcmillan helpline but i actualy rang the local hospice they have bereavement councilers and sad to say they have a lot of experiance . There will be all sorts going on in your head and its exhausting stick close to your family and talk about your dad talk realy helps some bottle it up and its not healthy .  theres not much more i can say as at the moment you will not be able to take much in grief messes about with our memories and just about everything else this disease is a monster we are bombarded every minute with it on tv .the thing is to break that circle of it going round and round trying to get a break from it for a few minutes even talking about your dad to otheres nice memories will help break that circle try not to be alone to much these are all things ive done and its realy helped not easy i know but your wellcome on here we are all in this club no one wants to be in if your mums about give her a ring on a morning and last thing at night that realy helps that when its worst there will be otheres along just ask anything you like some will chat give you advice or just an ear so small steps.paul

Lost my dad

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