Digg Logo

Expected activities: Submit news, stories, videos and so on. Digg and bury stories and post comments. Find what your friends are interested in.
More activities: You can submit your own stories but make sure you have some reputation built up before you do that in order to make your content dugg by others. Don’t create multiple accounts to digg your own articles. Don’t ask your family or office friends to digg your stories, either. It’s not that difficult to track the same IP address.

Delicious Logo


Expected activities: Store your bookmarks online, share your favorites and check out others’ bookmarks.
More activities: Join their network. Add worthy, interesting and useful content to your bookmarks that other users can appreciate. Join a community or start your own one that you find interesting. Community is a good way to go to build networks.

Technorati Logo


Expected activities: Search blogs, organize your favorite bloggers and their posts. Create personal profile.
More activities: You can claim your blogs. The site will show you who’s linking to your blogs.

Squidoo Logo


Expected activities: Create your own lenses about your passion and interest. Share your knowledge with the rest of the world. Raise money for charity. You can raise money for you, too.
More activities: You can have more than one lenses and add as many as out-bounding links. You can raise money from your lenses but remember, it may take a while to collect any. You can add Google Maps, feeds or previews of Flickr images to your lenses. Create your expertise site and spice it with your artistic taste. It’s wiki with taste, where you can draw visitors to your website.

Reddit Logo


Expected activities: Read member-submitted posts, vote for your favorites, explore and submit your own links.
More activities: The Reddit homepage display favored stories, pictures or anything regardless of its area. All topics have a chance to get on the homepage of Reddit. Reddit is smaller than Digg in its scale and popularity, but it’s believed that it could send a good amount of traffic to your web site.

Stumble Upon Logo


Expected activities: Download the tool. Discover new sites and share them with other users. Click “Stumble” to get the best match for your interests.
More activities: You can submit your site to stumbleupon. If it’s not stumbled before, you can write your own title and short review. You should choose one topic that fits your web site best. You can add multiple tags.

Wiki Logo


Expected activities: You can start new pages, including your own user page. You can rename pages and upload images.
More activities: If the content of your website is relevant to the Wiki page and it’s well-written, you can add your link to a Wiki page. Write an objective and detailed article and post it to an appropriate category of Wikipedia.

Facebook Logo


Expected activities: Connect to your old and current friends. Add your family and share stories, photos and videos with them.
More activities: Create your profile with your business information. You can join or create groups. Add events and send invitation to your facebook friends.

LinkedIn Logo


Expected activities: Find past and present colleges, clients and connect with them. Ask business-specific questions. Discover job opportunities by building your network.
More activities: The majority of LinkedIn members are real professionals and there are seven million of them as of May 2008. This can be a very good resource for your business marketing.

Twitter Logo


Expected activities: Stay connected with your friends, family and colleges through quick and frequent communications. Ask them what they are doing. Answer their questions, send your thoughts and observations in 140 characters or less.
More activities: It offers the ability to connect with people normally you wouldn’t have access to. Build or join communities that you can share your interests for your business. With Twitter, you can build excellent networks.


Expected activities: Take photos and show off them.
More activities: Upload unique, interesting and artistic photos and put a link to your website in your profile.