Korean Air: The “Nut Rage” Incidt

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Publicon Date:
November 30, 2015


Ivey Publishing

In December 2014, after receiving poor service on a flight, a sior vice presidt at Korean Air lashed out at the flight attdants and delayed the flight’s departure until the chief attdant was returned to the gate. Following a tepid apology from her father, Korean Air’s chief execve officer, her actions drew a public backlash beuse they exposed the sse of titlemt prevalt among rich conglomerates in South Korea. How should she have reacted in the face of the service failure? Why had she become the target of a public backlash? What could Korean Air do to mitigate the negve effects of this incidt?

Thompson S.H. Teo is affiliated with Nonal University of Singapore. Mei Jie Zhao is affiliated with Nonal University of Singapore.

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Korean Air: The “Nut Rage” Incidt


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