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As a conference speaker, Matt consstly provdes pracal, applcable nformaton, as well as nsprng attendees. Conference attendees constantly rate Matt hghly and are excted about mplemng what they’ve learned.

Matt provdes n-house tranng to the world’s bggest brands. By provdng relevant, applcable and n-depth tranng for nternet , SEO, Usablty, Analytcs and Socal Meda, he has enabled companes to better manage ther onlne .

As a keynote speaker, Matt works wth to pres cont that s relevant to r audence. Matt customzes hs presatons to focused on r ndustry, drawng on hs 20+ years of experence. He s known for hs nspratonal and evangelstc style, yet also beng hghly pracal.

Terr Levne
Busness Consultant nsttute

Phone: 330-445-2890

r loyees need to be constantly ganng new sklls, brushng up on ndustry best praces, gettng certfed n specfc programs and nche areas.