Internet privacy: Do this to download your Facebook data

Internet privcy: Do this to downlod your Fcebook

Q. Is it possible to downlod copy of my Fcebook posts nd comments to my computer?

. Yes, you cn downlod much of your Fcebook , or portion of those , s follows. In the upper right corner of your Fcebook pge, click the dropdown rrow nd select Settings, Your Fcebook Informtion (from the left column ), Downlod Your Informtion (s circled in the screenshot below).

This ction will lunch the Downlod Your Informtion dilog box, pictured below, where you cn downlod ll your or selected dte rnge of . You cn lso set the desired file formt (HTML or JSON) for the downlod, choose the imge qulity for ll pictures downloded (High, Medium, or Low), nd indicte the type (or types) of informtion to be downloded. By defult, Fcebook downlods ll types of informtion, but you cn select ny combintion of the following types: Posts, Photos, , Comments, Likes nd Rections, s, Following nd Followers, Messges, Groups, Events, Profile Informtion, Pges, Mrketplce, Pyment History, Sved Items, Your Plces, pps nd Websites, nd Other ctivity. You cn lso downlod the specific informtion dvertisers hve collected on you including: ds (where you submitted informtion to dvertisers); Serch History (ll of your Fcebook serches); Loction History (s recorded by Fcebook’s Loction Services trcking tool); certin Clls nd Messges; bout You informtion (d to your ccount); history of your logins, logouts, nd how long you were logged in; nd informtion bout the networks you hve used. Once you’ve djusted your downlod settings, click the Crete File button to strt the downlod process.

Depending on the mount of your historicl Fcebook ctivity, the resulting downlod could tke severl minutes to mny hours to complete. In my cse, I downloded ll possible , nd the resulting 1.4 gigbyte file took 33 minutes to compile nd downlod. The informtion contined in my downlod ws both extensive nd highly orgnized, but it ws not complete for ll types of . For exmple, the list of I’ve shred on Fcebook dted to only 2013, even though I opened my Fcebook ccount nd posted beginning in 2009. Still, I could view the very first comment I liked on Fcebook, which occurred on Mrch 21, 2009, when I liked my Glynn’s Descrtesinspired quote “I link, therefore I m.”

lso included in the Your Fcebook Informtion pge re options to view the sme orgnized historicl informtion without downloding it, s well s options to delete ll or portions of your Fcebook (s pictured below).

Keep in mind tht your Fcebook hve likely lredy been hrvested by mny Fcebook prtners, so deleting them now will not remove your previously hrvested by other vendors. I’m not entirely sure how useful copy of your Fcebook informtion might be to you, but for me the comments, photos, , likes, nd other informtion repre prtil diry of my life for the pst nine , netly orgnized nd highly serchble. In the sme wy you might your diry interesting or useful, the sme might hold true for copy of your Fcebook .

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