Internet forms: Password-protecting Form 941

Q. I frequtly wnload Form 941, Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return, from to file quarterly wage and tax reports for my clits, but it no longer allows me to add password protection. Wh I try to passwordprotect the form, I get the error message “You cannot change security on the cumt because it is ned or certified.” Is there a workaround or a way to passwordprotect this cumt?

A. I, too, was un to passwordprotect the Form 941 that I wnloaded from, but you can work around this problem, as follows.

1. From your web browser, wnload Form 941 from, and th save it to your computer.

2. Op Abe Acrobat on your computer (hint: not Abe Acrobat Reader) and op the Form 941 file from your computer.

3. Select File, Save a Copy, and save the file to a new name, as suggested in the screshot below.

4. Close your currt cumt by selecting File, Close.

. Op the copy of the cumt you saved in step 4.

6. You can now successy ly security by selecting File, Properties, and th on the Security tab, selecting Password Security from the Security Method drop-wn box, as pictured below.

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