Innovate to Increase Personal Effectiveness

Innovate to Increase Personal Effectiveness

Innovation is not just about breakthroughs and high level thinking!  It can – and must – be applied at the human level to increase personal effectiveness.  Everyone says that the most important thing on the project, in the organization, or indeed in life is the people!  That observation alone is enough motivation to apply innovative thinking to all things related to ‘people’! The idea is to think creatively – innovatively – about how to help people achieve their goals, improve their skills, elevate their level of satisfaction, and enable them to increase their contributions.  This article poses some approaches to apply innovation to the people side to increase personal effectiveness.

This is the fourth of a series of four articles on “Innovation”, where we explore how to innovate at various levels and in different domains.  This article, Part 4 in the series, “Innovate to Increase Personal Effectiveness”, encourages you to apply innovation in a number of ways related to our most important resources, people!  Part 1, “Innovate for Strategic Gains”, looks at how to get into the right mindset to innovate at the strategic level. Part 2, “Innovate for Tactical Improvements,” looks at how to innovate while focused on implementing at the tactical level.  Part 3, “Innovate for Incremental Benefits,” raises the idea that innovation is not just done up front, but can effectively transform projects in the execution phase.  

It’s not just about getting the project done…or meeting schedule and budget…or achieving even a stunning breakthrough!  It’s about doing it through the most important resources of all – people.

Here are five ways to generate some innovative ‘human-centric’ thinking into your planning.

Have you incorporated some innovative thinking reading PEOPLE on your projects?

These articles explore how to innovate at various levels and in different domains.

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Innovate to Increase Personal Effectiveness

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