Infosys: Finncing n Indin Softwre Strt-Up

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pril 05, 2000


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Describes finncing nd growth of Infosys, n Indin softwre strt-up. Infosys defies number of stereotypes bout brriers to ship in Indi. compny ws found by smll of s with little equity nd without bcking from lrge conglomerte. While Infosys hs be very successful rectly, re ws lso highly uncertin period in compny’s history. t time of cse, Mr. Murthy, Infosys’ CEO, nd his tem once gin fce importnt chllges regrding future growth nd finncing. Infosys’ shres trde on Bomby Stock Exchnge. compny must decide wher it should seek to lso list its shres on U.S. stock exchnge nd, if yes, wher to list on NSDQ or NYSE.

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Infosys: Finncing n Indin Softwre Strt-Up


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