Importance of ALT Text for images

Written by Peter Tran

July 8, 2017

Is ALT Text ll Important in Enne Optimization?

ALT text for images have been idered as an important elem in enne optimization for years. But this has changed as major ennes such as Google, Yahoo and MSN don’t ider ALT text for images in determining relevancy any more.

According to some experts in SEO, web sites that use keyword dense ALT text for images might get lower rank in result s because those ALT texts are idered as SEO tricks by ennes. That is, using ALT text for enne optimization can affect the rankings in the enne result s negatively.

Then what should enne optimizers do about ALT text for images?

Use ALT text for its orinal purpose designed by the W3C (World Wide Web ortium): ve a good relevant description about an image. Though the major ennes don’t regard ALT text important in determining relevancy of the cont at the pres time, their algorithm can always change to the opposite way. It’s always best to keep the rules.

Here are three main tips about use ALT text.

1. Use ALT text to describe the image. It is highly recommended by the W3C that ALT text should be used to describe images on web sites.

. You can include keyword phrases in one or two instances of ALT text within one cont . Be careful not to put more than twice because major ennes might punish them by lowering the rankings in result s.

3. Description of ALT text should be relevant to the image. This way, it is helpful for the people who read web s for the visually impaired. The American Disabilities Act (ADA) has strict regarding what a web site needs to contain in order to be ADA compliant.



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