I’ll Take Links And 11 Gold Medals Please

I’ll Take Links And 11 Gold Medals Please


Based in Williamsburg Virginia, Debra Mastaler is Presidt of Alliance-Link, an interactive marketing company focused on providing custom link building campaigns and link training and is the author of the link building blog Link Spiel


So true! (LOVE that commercial by the way). I have a hobby blog on horses, and I started covering the Olympics about a month and a half before they started, which was also a month before any of the other major equestrian sites did. I saw nobody was doing it, and decided to position myself ahead of time as the number one resource for Olympic equestrian information. So far I’ve gott tons of links (some from major news media), saw a 5,000% increase in traffic, a 1,000% increase in subscriptions, have se days where I was getting commts every 10 minutes, have connected with people all over the world and some who know the Olympic riders personally, and have made a lot more money from my Google ads. I have better search gine visibility for Olympic equestrian related searches than NBC, the official Olympic equestrian site, and the other major horse sites. All from planning ahead and getting started early! That wouldn’t have happed if I’d only writt about the Olympics as they were happing. And the best thing is, I did it on purpose.

Moral of the story: if you’ve got a major evt in your niche, cover it oft and early, and plan ahead like Debra said. It will pay off in a major way.

You’re smart, cute and thin… it’s just fair. 😉 Glad to hear your Olympic strategy worked, see you soon!

Thank you so much for this helpful information. I am just starting this journey and your article has giv me great pointers.

Yes, Debra, great point. This technique works with a lot of differt things, including:

– newly passed that goes into effect down the road ( 6 months from now wh the law goes into effect, they will be reading your analyses and referce materials);

– advance book reviews

– new product releases

– hurricanes that are brewing (I remember one studt who wrote about Katrina in advance as the storm was developing, and whose site th became a cter for Katrina-related news)

You can ev do it in a small way repeatedly with getting the scoop with embargoed press releases of news in your niche, if you develop relationships with PR firms.

The goes on.

The results can be a nice small bump in traffic — or phomal as Jackie’s experice with the horse site shows.


Planning ahead – what a concept!

Excellt points, Debra! And Jackie, what a terrific real-world illustration of how well a little forethought can work.

Kudos to you both. 🙂

Excellt concept this, planning ahead for your contt!
Suddly, I see a host of new s to blog on.

Your ingious!! and that’s all I can say!!

The main concept was plan ahead and build strategy to create a better future.. this time I won’t give up.. I’ll make it last forever!!

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